Woods: "What the hell you gonna do with that?"
Mason: "You never know..."
Woods and Mason's short dialog after Mason obtains the Pulwar Sword in Old Wounds.

The Pulwar Sword is a melee weapon used in Call of Duty: Black Ops II campaign. It is related to many challenges that player can complete with it. It is found in several missions. It can only be used if the player is using the Access Kit. It has a longer reach than the knife, making it easier to slash enemies.

The Pulwar can cause gibbing if aimed correctly when slashing, however sometimes the enemy may react as they did in Black Ops when losing an appendage, but they will be unharmed. The character can also decapitate enemies.

Found InEdit

  1. In mission "Old Wounds", it is found at the beginning of the level right after Zhao prompts Woods and Mason to mount the horses. It will be in a rock formation to the right, stuck in a corpse.
  2. In mission "Achilles' Veil", it is found in a locked cabinet and can be used by Farid and David Mason, again, only with an access kit. The cabinet is located behind a merchant stand, which is found by taking the left path in the starting courtyard, going straight, and into an open door. If the Pulwar sword is obtained, it will also be used later in the mission when playing as Section.


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