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"That was too close to my hammer and sickle!"
Nikolai Belinski

The Punji stakes.

Punji Stakes are a trap featured in the Zombies map Shangri-La.


They hide under debris on both sides that keep the player in the spawn room. It is activated once the debris is cleared. They are pressure-activated, like the Flinger. Once they are stepped on, they will come out, stay up for three seconds and then go back down, three times. Only the ones that are stepped on will activate, making a sprint jump the best course of action when traveling in groups, as all spikes can be avoided. A Dive to Prone can also work, though the player will have to take time standing up afterwards.


  • The spikes don't kill zombies as they would a player, the zombies just stand there and wait for the spikes to go back down.
  • If the spikes manage to damage a player the character will say a quote, usually about the spikes hitting their groin; they might say a similar quote if they make it just past the spikes.