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Puppet Strings is an unlockable easter egg song found in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map Rave in the Redwoods.

Unlocking the Song Edit

To unlock the song as lobby music, the player must shoot ten glowing purple spots within the Bear Lodge. However, these spots can only be seen within Rave Mode.


  • Directly above the fireplace, in the raftors.
  • On a wooden pallet to the left of the M1.
  • Underneath the pool table on the second floor.
  • Behind the bar on the second floor.
  • Above the doorway leading to the Banshee on the balcony.
  • Under the table that holds the computer used to get the Alien Fuses.
  • On the slanted roof below the right of the Magic Wheel on the balcony.
  • Under a shelf near a piece for the boat engine.
  • Behind some boxes to the left of a barrier in the bunk room.
  • In an open locker to the left of Tuff 'Nuff.

Upon shooting all ten spots, the player will be awarded 500XP and the song will begin to play. It will also be added to the "Lobby Music" section of the Barracks. The player will also be awarded the Rave On achievement.

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