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The Pylon (also known as the Spire) is a part of the Zombies maps of Green Run, Great Leap Forward and Resolution 1295, and are part of the Tower of Babble, High Maintenance and Mined Games easter eggs.

Location[edit | edit source]

In Green Run, the Pylon is located in the cornfields, between the Farm and Power Station. While directly underneath the Pylon, players cannot be harmed by the Denizens. In Great Leap Forward, the Pylon is located on the second building where the Power Switch is located. It is much smaller than the one in Green Run. In Resolution 1295, it is located on the roof of the processing building.

Usage in the Story[edit | edit source]

The three Pylons are respectively used in the plans of both Maxis and Richtofen. Maxis uses their energy to reach the Aether and dethrone Richtofen as the Demonic Announcer (controller of the Aether's powerful energies); he manipulates them into opening the gateway to Agartha, where he believes Samantha is located. Meanwhile, Richtofen plans to use the energy to close the Rift, thereby eternally damning Samantha and reinforcing the link between Aether and Earth; the link will give him the power to manipulate even more energy forces and even possess the bodies of the living (which he does to Samuel J. Stuhlinger). 

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 Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Die Rise, players can use the Trample Steam to reach the Pylon.
  • It is referred to by both Maxis and Richtofen as different names throughout the levels.
  • In TranZit's television transmissions, it is hinted that there may be more than three pylons.

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