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Quartermaster IW
Alias(es) QR-M5TR
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Affiliations UNSA Logo IWUnited Nations Space Alliance
Settlement Defense Front Triangle Logo IW Settlement Defense Front
Status Active
Sex Masculine programming
Race Robot
Voice Actor Beau Stephenson
"The Quartermaster is a quick-witted cybernetic arms dealer who has the latest in combat technology. Head to the Quartermaster when you want to customize your Combat Rig, get your hands on new Prototype Weapons."
— Official description

The QR-M5TR (or the Quartermaster) is a robot featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, found in the Quartermaster. Players are able to purchase and use supply drops and view their collections via the QR-M5TR.


The QR-M5TR is a rather upbeat robot, making polite conversation with the player as they do various activities the Quartermaster. The QR-M5TR also comments on players' supply drop openings, with different lines voiced for duplicates and the different rarities of items.

Occasionally, the QR-M5TR will make subtle notions indicating he is, at times, unhappy with his job, and would rather be out fighting in the front lines.[1]


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  1. Evidenced by his lines "Just scrap me already" and his "request for active duty is denied".
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