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Quarter Muncher is an achievement featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare on the zombies map Attack of the Radioactive Thing. It requires the player to complete Skullhop.

Skull 1: Finding the skulls Edit

Around the map are five skulls that must be shot.

Locations Edit

  • In the bathrooms outside of the map, near Quickies.
  • Behind the dumpster outside the map (can be shot if standing in between change chews and laser)
  • In the barrier right next to the power switch sitting on the floor
  • Behind the dumpster near the buildable table near power.
  • Inside the market on the Deadeye Dewdrops side, at the end of the aisle under the second to last shelf.
  • On the side of the Mason sign outside of the map, near Tuff 'Nuff
  • Under the Sonova Transit bus
  • On the hotel patio closest to the bridge
  • In the TV station, in the barrier closest to the front desk, on the floor
  • On a mountain outside the map near the Radioactive Thing (Note: If trying to shoot it from the bridge, it may not render in. It is recommended to shoot it from the laser near Change Chews.

Once shooting all five skulls, the first skull will appear on the machine.

Skull 2: Charging the Pump Edit

Outside the garage, there is an orange pump that the player can be picked up. Near the Ice Cream shop there is a Radioactive area. The player must place the pump in front of the barrel very quickly, as they will down if they take too long. The player must now stay near the barrel for approximately five minutes. After five minutes, the pump will start beeping and the player must pick it up, and the second skull will appear on the machine.

Skull 3: Collecting the souls Edit

The pump must now be placed in the pool near bombstoppers, and the player must now collect 16 zombies, no more, no less, and lead them to the pool, and kill them with the pool trap. If done correctly, an audio cue will play, and the third skull will appear on the machine.

Skull 4: Playground Cipher Edit

If the player heads to the playground, in the sandboxes there will be a symbol in front of each swing. The player must make various combinations of these symbols to make letters to spell a word that can be seen above one of the Seismic Wave Generator parts.

Known Words Edit

  • Sublimation
  • Ethyl
  • ethers
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