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The R-7 Skelter is a class of fighter jet capable of combat in air and in space in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


It was developed by the Settlement Defense Front as its primary fighter jet and is classified as a dual-positional-wing multi-role combat aerospacecraft, but it is usually referred to as the "Skelter".

The Skelter comes in three variants: its base design, an Ace Skelter, and a stealth prototype armed with the GAMP .018 Microlite, which was later stolen by Special Combat Air Recon operative Nick Reyes from the SDF warship Cerberus.


It has a top speed of 3,169 mph (5,100 km/h) and its rocket boosters enable it to reach escape velocities of up to 47,845 mph (77,000 km/h). Similar to its opponent, the Jackal, it features flare countermeasures to counter incoming homing missiles as well as omnidirectional infrared countermeasure systems. The Skelter is measured at 70 ft. (21.5 metres) long and 10 ft. (3 metres) high. The Skelter is equipped with variable-geometry wings in order to easily transition and travel in atmospheres and in space.

The Skelter is equipped with two 30mm cannons and air-to-ground missiles (AGM). The cannons are controlled with a "modular articulating ballistic system", meaning that they have limited traverse. Its tandem-seat cockpit has a maximum occupancy of a pilot and a copilot.
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