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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies

"2-round-burst, auto-fire, energy rifle. Hold Triangle/Y to split the rifle into melee mode for faster movement and 1 hit kills."
— In-game description

The R-VN is a Fujiwara two-round auto-burst energy assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare that was added in the February 28th, 2017 update. It is a hybrid weapon, as the R-VN can also switch to a melee mode with instakill abilities, as well as an increased movement speed to catch up with other players.

It is available for free for Season Pass holders, otherwise it can be unlocked via a challenge or a Supply Drop.


The R-VN is a two-round auto burst rifle, allowing the player to hold down the trigger to shoot the weapon in a fully-automatic manner, albeit with a slight burst delay, similar to the XR-2, Pharo and 48 Dredge from Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The weapon comes equipped with a custom Reflex Sight by default.

It has the unique ability to be split into two, turning the weapon into a taser like melee weapon which can kill enemies in one punch.


"This two round-burst energy rifle named the R-VN, will decimate your enemy faster than a spicy burrito decimates your intestines."

The R-VN is unlocked once the player has either obtained it from a Supply Drop, unlocked via the Season Pass or killed 200 enemies with an energy based assault rifle (R3K, Type-2, X-Eon, and Volk respectively) with an accessory obtained via weapon prestige. Once either of those tasks have been completed, the player can select the R-VN from the "Assault Rifles" category in the Create-a-Class.

The March 10th, 2017 patch updated the R-VN to have significantly more range, inline with the Type-2 and the Volk.[1] The RV-N can be seen being wielded by bots in custom matches and can be picked up and used.


The R-VN was added to the Magic Wheel in both Zombies in Spaceland and Rave in the Redwoods, alongside the UDM, and appears on the wall in Shaolin Shuffle for 1000 points and in Attack of the Radioactive Thing for 1500 points. However, in order to be able to customize it, the player must either have the Season Pass or obtain it from the Magic Wheel.

The R-VN is fairly decent in the early rounds if the player is lucky to get it out of the Magic Wheel early. However, it is incredibly weak in the rounds after round ten without Bang Bangs, taking nearly half a magazine to kill a zombie. With Bang Bangs, the burst fires incredibly quickly at around 1200 RPM, but with a increase to recoil.

When upgraded via the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the Dr. Own. Compared to its normal variant, the Dr. Own is twice as powerful. It can kill a zombie with one burst to the head until round twenty without the use of Bang Bangs.

Its melee feature is a one-hit kill until round 14, surpassing the other melee weapons in the game, which lose their one-hit kill ability at round 10 without the use of Slappy Taffy. When combined with Slappy Taffy, or Pack-a-Punched, it can one-hit-kill up to round 22. When both, it can one-hit kill up to round 26.

When Pack-a-Punched again once the Alien Fuses have been installed into the Pack-a-Punch Machine, it becomes the M.F. Stine.


For variant images, see R-VN/Variants.
Name Image(s) Gun Perks Cost Notes
Tickler R-VN Tickler Supply Drop Card IW.png75px Stockpile Gun Perk Icon IW.png 200Salvage Currency Icon IW.png
Braincase Bruiser R-VN Braincase Bruiser Supply Drop Card IW.png75px Head Rush Gun Perk Icon IW.pngLights Out Gun Perk Icon IW.png 500Salvage Currency Icon IW.png
Blistering R-VN Blistering Supply Drop Card IW.png75px Stacked Gun Perk Icon IW.pngHaste Gun Perk Icon IW.png N/A Quartermaster Collection
Duality 75px75px Dynamic Gun Perk Icon IW.pngFocus Gun Perk Icon IW.png 2000Salvage Currency Icon IW.png
Flare 75px75px Nuclear Gun Perk Icon IW.pngStockpile Gun Perk Icon IW.png N/A Quartermaster Collection
Poised 75px75px One-Two Gun Perk Icon IW.pngSteady Gun Perk Icon IW.png N/A Quartermaster Collection
Blowout R-VN Blowout Supply Drop Card IW.png75px 50pxStability Gun Perk Icon IW.png 4000Salvage Currency Icon IW.png
Quickening 75px75px 50pxFocus Gun Perk Icon IW.png N/A Quartermaster Collection


For camouflage images, see R-VN/Camouflage.
For attachment images, see R-VN/Attachments.

Concept art


  • "Military use only", "Type-3 MOL RVN" and the Japanese symbols for "Fujiwara" can be seen on the sides of the weapon.
  • Most of the camouflages applied to the weapon will appear as a feathered wing design.