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For the gun on which the weapon is based, see Ripper (submachine gun).
"Full-auto ballistic firearm. Hold Triangle/Y/Alt to toggle assault rifle mode. An integrated hybrid sight enhances longer range engagements."
— In-game description

The RPR Evo (originally known as the Ripper in pre-release, and still referred to as such in the game files) is a bullpup submachine gun featured in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It uses the same features as the Ripper, which is the ability to transform the gun from a moderate fire-rate submachine gun to a slow fire-rate high damage assault rifle.


When all side missions are completed, the RPR Evo unlocks the Burst-Fire upgrade, which switches the weapon's primary mode to burst-fire, increasing the range and damage.


  • Weapon Type - Submachine Gun
  • Bullet Type - Ballistics
  • Special Features - 2-in-1 SMG and AR

Multiplayer Edit

The RPR Evo is unlocked at level 16, and is the fourth submachine gun unlocked.

Whilst in SMG mode, the RPR Evo features a fast fire rate and tight hipfire spread, but suffers in the damage and accuracy departments. The SMG mode of the RPR Evo is properly utilized in close quarters situations as a result. The downfalls of the SMG mode can be recuperated with the Foregrip, Extended Mag and Rifled Barrel attachments, to solve the problems with accuracy, bullet expense rate and damage over range. The Laser Sight can be used to enhance the RPR Evo's hipfire capabilities.

Whilst in AR mode, the RPR Evo sports a high accuracy and high damage per shot, but suffers in fire rate and hipfire spread. The AR mode of the RPR Evo is properly utilized in ranged combat situations as a result. The AR mode can be supplemented with ranged attachments such as the Thermal or VMC attachments, for holding down long sight lines with a higher zoom sight.

Scavenger is a valuable perk for the RPR Evo, as the high expense of bullets from the SMG mode will render players dry with constant use. Dexterity is also a useful perk, shedding reload times in half.

The RPR Evo features an integrated custom green reticle when in Assault Rifle mode.

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Name Rarity Gun Perks Cost (Salvage) Notes
Stabilizer Common Focus 200
Cheap Shot Common Low Rider 200
Sled Shot Common Low Rider N/A Unlocked on Day 4 of the 12 Days of Winter event.
Revenant Rare Refund, Readiness 500
Modular Legendary Roll the Dice, Stability 2000 Recoil: Low (SMG Mode)
Fission Legendary Nuclear, Sharpshooter 2000 Range: 826-331 (SMG Mode)
Haven Legendary Fortified, Steady N/A Obtained via a Halloween Scream Week #2 Supply Drop.
Ripper Epic Reckless, Focus 4000 Fire rate: 952 RPM (SMG Mode)
Bosozoku Epic Below the Belt, Stability 4000 Formerly unlocked via supply drops.

Zombies Edit

The RPR Evo appears in Zombies mode, available for 1250 Points off the wall. It is available for customization at level 19.

Locations Edit

RPR Evo vs Maxey-mum Terror vs Death's Autograph Edit

RPR Evo Maxey-mum Terror Death's Autograph
RPR Evo SMG IW Maxey-mum Terror IW {{{2ndpapimage}}}
Magazine size 40 50 {{{2ndpapmag}}}
Max ammo 40 + 240 50 + 300 {{{2ndpapammo}}}
Mobility High High High


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For variant images, see RPR Evo/Variants.

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Trivia Edit

  • The number "30" can be seen written in blue text on the magazine.
  • The kill icon and HUD icon both curiously lack the foregrip seen on the weapon.
  • The menu icon has a foregrip loop that lacks on the kill icon, HUD icon and the Create-a-Class model.
  • When used with Dexterity, the reload animation is changed. The reload animation instead has the player shunt the magazine out of the weapon and put a fresh new magazine in the gun off screen with one hand.
  • The NOVA logo can be seen on the side.
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