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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies
Wanna keep rockin'? Wanna keep movin'? But you're tired from all the stress of your daily grind! You're runnin' all day, you're runnin' all night. You need the quickest kinda pick me up to run like the light! And you just keep on goin', pick up speed, shoot and move, yeah! Racin' Stripes! The quicker you do it, the faster you're movin', you can keep on movin' when you got it made! Run faster! Racin' Stripes! Sprint longer! Racin' Stripes!
— Racin' Stripes Jingle
"Run so far away!"
— Tagline

Racin' Stripes is a Candy Perk in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode. The perk allows the player to sprint faster, for a longer duration, and shoot, use equipment and go through an eating animation while sprinting. It is similar to the perk Stamin-Up from Treyarch's Zombies mode.


  • Zombies in Spaceland - Found in the break room within the tunnels underneath the map.
  • Rave in the Redwoods - On the porch of one of the cabins in the Camper Cabins area.
  • Shaolin Shuffle - Atop a building near the Dojo, walking up a slope next to where the Band plays, after crossing the bridge, the perk is located in sight.
  • Attack of the Radioactive Thing - On the side of the lone shack in the area between the Snack Shack and the TV Station.
  • The Beast From Beyond - In the alleyway next to Wyler's theater that has the portal that leads to the starting room.


Racin' Stripes appears as a small golden brown vending machine. Racin' Stripes candy can be seen in the window to the machine. There is a very distinct golden shoe that appears on top of the machine, coupled with four brown stripes to the left of the shoe. Upon the front of the machine is the text "Racin' Stripes" curved along a wavy piece of the machine. There is a coin inserting compartment to the right side of the machine.



  • Unlike other machines, there are no price tags featured in the machine.
  • This perk machine does not require a Power Switch to work in Zombies in Spaceland due to the area of where it's found lacks a Power Switch.
  • A box of Racin' Stripes weighs 6 ounces or 170 grams.
  • There is text on the box saying "Go Faster, Stamina Boost!".
  • The colour of the box is styled with a "hot" colour scheme (red, orange and yellow), often associated with speed.