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Radiant is one of the featured tools given to the community via Mod Tools, and is used for creating Single Player and Multiplayer maps. It is used by the development teams of every major Call of Duty title, over the years Radiant receives updates to work with the updated game engines and tech.

Overview Edit


A screenshot of CoDRadiant, the old Ui of Radiant had remained prominent until recent titles like BO3.

Radiant is featured for the following titles:

It is based on id Software's GtkRadiant, the IW engine that both Treyarch and Infinity Ward use to build their games are a modified version of the id Tech engine. Throughout Call of Duty history, both Treyarch and Infinity Ward provided the community the tools required to build levels for their games.

Radiant has been seen through various DLC trailers, and behind the scene videos Such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II's first zombies map "TranZit" [1]




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