Radioman in semper fi

An American Radioman in Semper Fi.

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A Radioman, also known as a Radio Operator or Radio Op, is a soldier who has the job of carrying a radio on their back to make calls to other allied radiomen and positions. They are easily recognizable by the large green radio they carry around on their back.

Known RadiomenEdit

Radiomen in the Call of Duty series include:

  • Barb: American, who called in artillery and helped the Rangers move forwards.
  • Baron: Canadian, who called in artillery on German tanks.
  • Braeburn: American, who helped defend Hill 400.
  • Crosby: American, who was denied air support in the Vietnam War.
  • Greenwood: American, who helped capture the Remagen Bridge.
  • Guzzo: American, who helped win the Normany Invasion.
  • MacGregor: Scottish, who destroyed German ambushers.
  • C. Miller: American, who destroyed Japanese defenses.
  • Parker: American, who helped storm Gela Beach.
  • Rooker: American, who attempts to ask HQ if they already cleared an area.
  • Sonntag: American, who was aked if the Remagan Bridge was destroyed.

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