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Radoslav Barkov
Radoslav Barkov IW
Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Rank Captain Lieutenant
Affiliations Settlement Defense Front
Nationality Cydonian
Status K.I.A.
Killed By Nick Reyes
Death May 7th, SDS Galaxius, Neptune's Orbit
Sex Male
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown
Race Caucasian
Timeline Infinite Warfare Timeline
Level Operation Taken Dagger
"To the UNSA forces aboard my ship, this is Captain Barkov. Yield or the personnel will die."
— Barkov after accessing Galaxius' terminal.

Captain Lieutenant Radoslav Barkov is an antagonist in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, member of the Settlement Defense Front and commander of the SetDef Destroyer Galaxius.

He was killed by Nick Reyes during Operation Taken Dagger.

Biography Edit

Cpt. Lt. Barkov, a Secession War veteran, led the infamous Dire Brigade, a penal battalion compromised of the sickest, most vicious criminals of the SDF.

Quotes Edit

  • "Their blood is on your hands."
  • "Just turn yourself in and they'll live."
  • "You have come here only to fail."
  • "The Earth born are gutless, afraid to endure suffering."
  • "Come. Save them. You're the only one who can."
  • "Only you can stop this. It is entirely your choice."
  • "They were not brought here to die. You are killing them."
  • "You came a long way to let your people die."

Trivia Edit

  • His card on the Most Wanted board is the Queen of Clubs.
  • The character is possibly inspired by Oskar Dirlewanger, an SS officer who led the Dirlewanger brigade, an SS unit comprised of criminals responsible for some of World War Two's worst crimes. 
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