"Raiding the Fortress" is the twelfth campaign mission in Call of Duty: Finest Hour.



The mission begins with Sergeant Bob Starkey and Private Edward Carlyle, both of Popski's Private Army, pinned down by machine gun fire after having crashed their Jeep through the wall of an ancient Roman fortress near the Tunisian village of Matmata. Starkey provides Carlyle with C4 and instructs him to use it to destroy the archways allowing more German soldiers to enter the fortress. Following the destruction of the southern archway, Carlyle is able to link up with Sergeant Jack DeHart, accompanied by Private Allen Rowe, at the top of the old watchtower.

After linking up with DeHart, he informs Carlyle that a cartographer affiliated with the unit, Corporal Harold Snyder, has been captured and is being held underground within the fortress's cistern system. They are reinforced by a small group of commandos, led by Private David Tuey, as the group attempts to fight their way across the courtyard towards the northern archway. They come under fire from foot soldiers and endure a bombing run by a squadron of Junkers Ju 87 aircraft.

Following the destruction of the northern archway, Carlyle must destroy a Sd. Kfz. 251 blocking the way to the cistern. They then come under fire from a machine gun position which Carlyle also disables. After which only Carlyle and DeHart enter the cistern to rescue Snyder. Starkey suddenly joins them and the four soldiers escape the fortress through an underground tunnel.


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Call of Duty Finest Hour - North Africa, Mission 4

Call of Duty Finest Hour - North Africa, Mission 4

Raiding the Fortress Walkthrough


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  • Starkey appears only during the introduction and conclusion cut-scenes, but does not appear during gameplay.
  • While assaulting the southern archway, Carlyle is assisted by Privates Johnson and Otero. If Carlyle ventures towards the centre of the map, he may be joined by Privates Jeffrey Peterson and Robbins.
  • During the introduction cut-scene, the camera flashes red as if Carlyle has taken damage.
  • During the introduction cut-scene, Starkey is clearly seen on the left side of the jeep armed with a Lee-Enfield rifle while Carlyle is to his right with a Sten gun. However, at the start of the mission the player is armed with a Lee-Enfield and is standing on the left side of the jeep.

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