Carlyle and Starkey are inside the fortress, taking cover behind their wrecked Jeep. Heavy fighting goes on between the British and German forces.

Starkey: Carlyle, take these explosives and seal off that entrance. The blokes we're after must be stuck in that far tower. We'll have to split up. I'll go left, you stick to the right.

Carlyle moves up the right flank.

Peterson: Those Jerries are dug in! We've got to outflank them!

Carlyle sets explosives, which detonate and seal the entrance from anyone else entering. He moves up.

Peterson: We're coming with you.

The group moves up the tower and finds DeHart and Rowe.

Rowe: Oi! Up here!

DeHart: We got separated from the Cartographer. He was captured and taken underground. We need to save him! They exit the tower.

TueyJolly good!

Stukas fly overhead the fortress.

DeHart: Stukas! Get down! Get down!

They drop bombs on the far end of the fortress, allowing entry.

DeHart: They've taken out our reinforcements!

German soldiers begin running into the fortress.

DeHart: They're all over us! Take cover!

The British soldiers take cover and fend off the invading Germans until reinforcements arrive.

DeHart: Set a charge on that half-track. It's blocking our way!

Carlyle sets explosives on a half-track, which explode and destroy it. They head towards the underground staircase.

DeHart: We've got to get underground, now!

They go down and find Snyder tied to a chair.

Snyder: It's about time you chaps showed up.

DeHart: Well, we had a few errands to run.

Carlyle unties him and they go to exit, but are stopped by Starkey.

Starkey: Hey, Carlyle! Were you just gonna leave me out there?

Both men laugh and leave the room. The level ends.