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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.

"Rangers Lead the Way" is the twenty-fifth level in Call of Duty 2.



Getting Started

The player will spawn at the base of the hill. When the player hears Pvt. Henderson say "Let's go get the bastards!", jump over trench and start charging up the hill, despite the bunker firing on the player. Eventually, the player will see some large holes. Hide in one of them and toss a smoke grenade. When the screen is up, run through it, then get to the left of the bunker. Get to its back and place a satchel on the door. When it blows up, go in, take out everybody the player sees, then toss a grenade near the next door so that the troops coming in will get a surprise. One of the troops will toss a grenade towards the player, go get out and get away from the bunker's back. Then, go back and take out anybody that came through while the player was gone. When they're out, go into the next room and take out every one in there. Don't toss a grenade into the next room because a troop will toss a grenade into the previous room after the player tosses one, trapping him.

Bunker 2

When the bunker is clear, get out of the bunker and turn right. You'll see a ladder and a door with a flashing bomb. You can blow it up if you want, and beside the right wall, you'll find a Sturmgewehr 44 and a scoped Gewehr 43. This weapon will be very useful in the upcoming battle. Take the rifles if you want, go up the ladder and start going forward. You'll see an emplacement with troops, junk and an MG42 in it. The MG42 isn't facing you, so don't worry. Toss a grenade or two at the troops, then toss a smoke grenade and run to the right of the area. Take out the troops while they're hiding behind the junk, then go forward to the next emplacement. There are few troops here, so you can get away without tossing a smoke grenade this time. Toss a few grenades to make them move, then take them out. When they're out, go to the MG42 on the right and start firing at the troops downhill. When you don't see anymore troops, go down the hill and get to the dirt road. When you're down, face left and you'll see troops hiding behind the junk. Toss some grenades to take some troops out, then toss a smoke grenade and run across the screen to the troops. Mow them down, then keep going forward.

You'll see more troops just before a curve. Toss a smoke grenade, then toss grenades as you're walking through the smoke. Get to the right side and take out the troops while they're hiding. Keep on going and you'll see a troop near a truck. Take him out with your rifle, then get near the truck. You'll find three smoke and Stielhandgranate grenades (both represented by one grenade each). Pick them up, then go forward.

You'll see the second bunker in the distance. Toss a smoke grenade, then start going up the hill while tossing grenades to the left. There are troops to the left of the bunker, so get up there and take them out. Try to hide behind a tree for concealment. When the troops are dead, you can enter the bunker.

Go behind the bunker and blow up the door. Turn left and go into the room. It has six smoke grenades, three Stielhandgranates and a scoped G43. To the left of the passage you went through is a passage that leads to the troops. When you see it, toss a grenade into the doorway, then run in and take out the troops.

Bunker 3

When you've cleared out the bunker, go back outside and take a right. Keep going until you see some junk behind the rocks near you. There are troops hiding behind the rocks and junk, so toss a few grenades at them, then flank them from the right.

After they're dead, keep going forward until you see a hardpoint with a MG42 on the right in front of you. There's a troop hiding behind the junk near the MG42, so wait for him to pop up, then take him down.

Just past the hardpoint is some junk with a hole in front of it. Toss a few grenades to make the troops move, then take them out. If they're still there, flank them form the right.

When they're out, you can finally get to the last bunker. Go over and blow open the door. This one is just like the first one, so treat it as such. The only difference is that there are six smoke grenades and three Stielhandgranates just past the door.

To the Top

Now it's time to get to the top of the hill. Exit the bunker and go right. You'll see a MG42 firing from up the hill. Toss a smoke grenade, then go up and take out the gunner. Look beyond the gunner and you'll see some troops near dead trees. You have no cover, so toss a smoke grenade and flank them from the right. You'll see a armored car drive up along the way, but it won't fire at you.

From the trees, face forward and you'll see a sandbag barrier with a ton of troops behind it. Toss a smoke grenade, then flank it form the right while throwing grenades. Be careful, there are a lot of troops behind the sandbags, so you might have to retreat into the smokescreen to heal up if they gang up on you.

Clearing Out the Top Bunker

When the troops are out, jump past the barrier and you'll notice that you're on top of the hill. Run to the building in the center and get near the stairs. If you play on veteran, there seems the enemies never stopped spawn around the entry. Toss a couple of frag and smoke, make a dash down the stair and immediately make a left turn, don't worry about getting killed, once you get there, there will be a check point. There's an MG42 at the end of the stairs, go try to aim at the hole when you get down. After taking him down, turn left and you'll see a hole with an MG42 in it. This hole leads into the bunker, so toss a grenade or two into it to take out the troops inside. Follow the path to a door. Blow it up, then run inside and take out anybody that's left. When you're done, blow up the door in the center of the room, but don't go in just yet. There's a pile of junk in the center room, and there are two troops hiding behind it. Peek from one of the door's corners and toss a few grenades inside. They should take out the troops. If not, wait for the smoke from the door exploding to clear, then go inside and take out whomever is left.

You might find it a bit difficult to get into the bunker since there will be infinite spawn of enemy. What you can do is toss a lot smokes and a lot frags, then dash into the bunker, once you get there, there will be a CP.

Mortar Team 1

Now you'll have to take out some mortar teams. Get out of the bunker and take a right. Go past the bunker's sides and keep going forward until you see a trench in front of you. That's where the mortar team is. Get to the end of the bunker and turn right. You'll probably see a troop or two, so take them out before they start to bother you. When they're dead, snipe the troops near the mortar. Some of them might try to hide behind the nearby junk, so occasionally toss a grenade near the junk to flush out any hiders. When you've taken out everybody near the mortar, you'll get a message telling you that the first mortar team is dead.

The Armored Car

Remember that armored car from earlier? It's time for you to blow it up.

Go through the back of the bunker. There are some troops hiding behind some junk scattered throughout, so be careful. At the end, you'll see a trench in front of you and the car to the right of the trench. Toss a smoke grenade near the car, then run up to it and place a bomb on it. When it's dead, run into the trench and face the part that was to the left of the trench.

Mortar Team 2

The last mortar team is to the left of the trench in a hardpoint surrounded by sandbags. Go down the hill while tossing grenades at the troops, then flank them from the left. It shouldn't be too hard to take them out. There are six smoke grenades, three grenades and a rocket launcher, but you won't need them.

Cleaning Up

After taking out the last mortar team, you'll have to take out the rest of the troops on the hill. Just wander around and take out anybody you see. When all of the troops are dead, you'll exit the level.


File:Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough Part 25 - Rangers Lead the Way - American Campaign


Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout

If this level is played after "Approaching Hill 400" than the player will keep any weapons from that level.

Found in level


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