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For a similar gametype, see League Play.
Ranked Play AW

Ranked Play is a gametype in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: WWII. Players compete in "seasons", playing a variety of gametypes, similar to League Play in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, except that the player does not have everything unlocked from the start; they are limited to what they have unlocked from ranking up. Also like League Play, players are paired with other players of their skill level.


Divisions Edit

Similar to Black Ops 2, ranked play includes divisions. Unlike Black Ops 2, there is no 5 placement games. Instead, every player starts out as Bronze, and they have to work their way up through the ranks by winning games. Winning games will add up points towards a division. Losing/leaving a game will subtract points. Each division has a total of 100 division points. Once you have acquired the set amount of points, you will be entered into a Division Promotion Challenge, where you have to win 2 out of 3 games to advance towards the next division. The divisions are the following:

  • Grand Master (Reserved for Top 100 Overall Players)
  • Master
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Edit

Division Gear Edit

After a season is over, players will receive a special armor loadout for the division they were last in. The Grand Master Gear includes a loadout, helmet, exo suit, pants, knee pads, and shirt. Every other division just contains a special loadout with the division art.

Division Gear AW

Maps and Modes Edit

Similar to both Call Of Duty Ghosts Clan v Clan and Black Ops 2 League Play, Ranked Play provides the official eSports ruleset, including the maps and gamemodes.

List of Maps and Modes Edit

  • Bio Lab - (Hardpoint / Search and Destroy / Uplink / Capture the Flag)
  • Comeback - (Uplink)
  • Detroit - (Hardpoint / Search and Destroy / Uplink)
  • Recovery - (Search and Destroy)
  • Retreat - (Hardpoint / Capture the Flag)
  • Solar - (Hardpoint / Search and Destroy)
  • Terrace - (Search and Destroy)
  • Riot - (Search and Destroy)

Call of Duty: WWIIEdit

Ranked Play Season 1 Logo WWII
The first season began on December 1st, 2017[1][2].

Items and RewardsEdit

Whilst playing in Ranked Play seasons, players will have the chance to earn helmets that correspond to their division rank at the end of the respective season.



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