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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
For the character from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, see Raptor.

"You've got a green light, Strike Team. Happy hunting."
— Raptor One

"Raptor One" is the call-sign of a character featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode, introduced in the map Die Maschine, and appearing in Firebase Z, Outbreak, Mauer der Toten, and Forsaken. Raptor One is the pilot of the MH-6 Little Bird helicopter that gets any player in and (if exfiltrating or completing a map's Main Quest) out of the map. The only exception to this is Mauer der Toten due to his capture by Omega Group, where this role is instead filled by Lev Kravchenko.


"Call sign Raptor One. Captain. United States Air Force. Service Number FR-16-9-8-6-3-4-2. "Peace Is Our Profession"."
— Raptor One

Not much is known about Raptor One's history prior to his work with Requiem. He is regularly tasked with extracting Grigori Weaver's strike team out of outbreak zones following completion of their missions, notably during Operation Cerebrus and Operation Lost Property.

On one occasion, in November 1984, Raptor One, without orders from Requiem senior staff, attempted to extract the strike team after they completed Samantha Maxis' order behind Weaver's back. He would continue to help them again in December 1984, during Operation Excision in which he attempts to extract the team after their failure to secure the Omega Group scientists. However, their helicopter was shot down, leaving the entire team and himself to be captured by Lev Kravchenko.

While remaining in their custody, Raptor One is often subjected to torture by Kravchenko and Gorev. Despite this, he remains loyal to his country and refuses to give up vital information, constantly citing his callsign and military ranking to show his resilience. Eventually, Kravchenko decides to leverage his life as a bargaining chip against the strike team. The strike team is then forced to carry out Omega's mission and take down Aleksandra Valentina, who betrayed the group and unleashed a zombie outbreak in East Berlin for her own agenda. The strike team is successful in their mission, but Kravchenko attempts to betray them at the last minute by commandeering an attack chopper and assaulting them. To Raptor One and the strike team's luck, Weaver has them extracted with Maxis' help, who created a portal to teleport them back to Requiem HQ.

After his capture, Raptor-One would be transferred to a hospital, and later visited by Mackenzie Carver who'd bring him chocolates let him know that he would be placed on leave for a month. Raptor-One would then tell Carver that he didn't want to be placed on leave, and simply wanted to go back to "get airborne again".

Raptor One would get his wish, as he would be tasked with exfiltrating the strike team at Test Site Anna after their defeat of Omega and the Forsaken. Immediately upon returning to the West, Raptor-One and the strike team were arrested upon landing on orders of the Director for indefinite containment at BLACKSITE 13.



  • Raptor-One's favorite candy is, apparently, butterscotch.[1]
    • Furthermore, he dislikes chocolates with fruit-flavored creams.
  • Raptor-One has a Texan dialect.[2]