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The Raven is a dropship in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. It is used as part of the Solar Associated Treaty Organization fleet.


The "Raven" is a pan-atmospheric multi-gravitational strategic airlift card aerospacecraft developed by SATO. It allows SATO to quickly drop off troops, equipment and ground vehicles into combat.

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  • The Raven bears a strong resemblance to the Pelican from the Halo series.[1]


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  1. Cultured Vultures: CALL OF DUTY, WE NEED TO BREAK UP "The first cutscene in the game lasted for so long I put my controller down and made some food, when I came back Kit Harrington had killed everyone and I was some white guy walking around a skyscraper towards a carbon copy of the Pelicans from the Halo franchise." Jesse Jones
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