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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

The objective icon used for Ravenov Implications.

Ravenov Implications is the first main quest for the Outbreak game mode within Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies mode, added alongside the Season Three: Reloaded update. It involves the Requiem Strike Team working off the books to help out Samantha Maxis to stop a threat Sergei Ravenov has uncovered from Omega Group that could end the Cold War in an instant.

Step 1: Obtain the Beacon

The beacon after selecting the "Call" option.

In order to start the quest, the Strike Team has to reach the third warp tier at a minimum. A radio can be found spawning at a specific area within any region, and resembles the ones for the Unknown Signal easter eggs (This radio, however, is not marked on the map). Like the Unknown Signal egg, the radio has to be activated, then 3 amplifiers spawning nearby have to be tuned to match the radio's frequency, while zombies may randomly spawn after tuning to specific frequencies. Once finished, interact with the radio to spawn several Essence Drops, as well as a Beacon Listening Device. Maxis will instruct the team to attach the listening device to the extraction beacon upon picking it up.

When the Beacon is active, Maxis can be contacted through the "Call" option. She will inform the strike team to go meet up with Ravenov.

Step 2: Find the Dead Drop

After arriving in the next region, Maxis will inform the team that Ravenov has left behind a dead drop with his specific mark, and the team has to find it. Throughout each region, there are several Cymbal Monkey statues hidden in fixed locations. Shooting these statues will either drop a random loot item, or a Microfilm (if found at a spot with an M engraving next to it). Pick up the Microfilm, and Maxis will inform the team to find a slide projector in order to see the contents. As with the statues, there is one fixed projector location in each region (the exception being Ruka; if the player finds the microfilm in Ruka, then they have to warp to the next region to continue).

Upon finding the projector and interacting with it, Maxis will comment on the slides, and make note of the missile silos in Ruka. After this step is done, the next warp will automatically take the player to Ruka.

Step 3: Operatsiya Inversiya

Head to the missile silos in Ruka, and go inside an elevator shaft (Maxis will make note of several dead bodies nearby as Ravenov's "calling card"). The objective will start, and the team will head into the underground. Once inside, head down further and find a computer that will shut off the base's alarm. A cutscene will trigger, with the strike team coming in contact with Ravenov. Afterwards, he will tell the team to find the launch keys required to initiate the launch sequence for the missiles.

Step 4: Secure the Keys

Around the underground silo, there are three launch keys that the players have to acquire for each missile silo. The keys can be acquired in any order:

  • In Silo A, a spectral monkey can be heard spawning near a random vent. Approaching this monkey will make it disappear. Go to the bottom of the silo, and into a deadend to acquire a modified Essence Trap. Throw this trap near the monkey's location, and the monkey will eventually be attracted to it. Activate the trap, and it will capture the monkey, leaving the key behind.
  • In Silo B, there is an Aetherium containment unit that can be activated. Once done so, Aetherium crystals inside the silo can be shot down, which will drop small crystal shards. 20 of these shards must be collected and taken to the unit. While depositing the shards, zombies and Tempests will spawn in. Once all 20 shards are deposited, an Aetherium canister will be released for pick-up. Take this canister to Silo D, where a giant Dark Aether jellyfish can be found. Activate the canister's field upgrade ability near the jellyfish, which will make it pull you in. While you're inside the jellyfish, you can pick up the second key.
  • Go to the path that leads to Silo C, which is sealed off. A corpse can be seen lying with its back to the door. Attempt to pick up the key from the corpse, which will make it transform into an HVT Mimic. Kill the Mimic to make it drop the key.

After all three keys are acquired, you have to activate the silos in a specific order (randomized with each game). The order can be noted by the green light at each silo's computer, which indicates which silo should be activated first, second and third, between Silos A, B and D. After activating each silo, there is a window of 45 seconds between the next activation before the system times out. Once the 3rd silo is activated, a timer of 9 minutes will begin, and the player has to head upstairs and out of the silo to reach the final step.

Step 5: We are Legion

After exiting the silos, the strike team will come face-to-face with Legion, a massive Tempest zombie that has created massive crystal blockades on top of the silo doors. As there are no accessible crafting stations, Pack-a-Punch machines or armor stations in this area, players need to prepare before starting this fight.

Legion does not directly attack the players, but rather create vulnerable zones which will gradually drain the players' health as they step into. It also teleports frequently between each silo door. In addition, zombies will continuously spawn during this fight. In order to take down Legion, players have to shoot its glowing chest until it is stunned. At this point, three glowing orbs will spawn from Legion, which can be shot. Successfully destroying an orb will deplete a third of Legion's health bar. Repeat this process twice more to defeat Legion and complete the main quest.



  • Season Four Requiem Intel revealed that due to the Requiem Strike Team preforming this, they nearly faced court marshalling only for the Director of Requiem to intervene and let them off, expunging the event from the records.
  • As revealed in Treyarch's official "The Story So Far" blog post for the reveal of Mauer der Toten, the events of Ravenov Implications occur on November 16th, 1984.[1]