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Razor Wire menu icon BO4.jpg

"Defensive razor wire to damage and slow enemies that attempt to cross it."
— Description

The Razor Wire is a special-issue equipment exclusive to Kieran "Torque" Mackay within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It can be found and used by anyone in Blackout.


When deployed, the Razor Wire forms a solid barrier on the ground that damages enemies that touch it. Allies can pass through the wire without taking damage. The Razor Wire is most effective when deployed in high-traffic areas and chokepoints in order to force the enemy team towards certain areas and away from others, and is particularly effective in objective gamemodes such as Control, where the ability to quickly reach objectives is key. However, the Razor Wire can be destroyed by bullets and explosives.


  • Block off halls, stairs, and doorways.
  • Place by windows and around corners.
  • Hitmarkers alert you to enemies in Wire.
  • Expands or contracts to fill the space.