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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


The only Intel document available details the CIA discovery and evaluation of the Soviet bio-chemical weapons testing facility on Rebirth Island. Images present detail attack targets on American cities for Nova 6 and test subjects.





CIA: RB1967:44:8245

DATE: October 20, 1967


FROM: Ryan Jackson, Chief Analyst (APLAA), in conjunction with OSA/DI


  1. I am transferring to the National Security Council a full operational analysis of mosaic images received from the DS & T Corona Reconnaissance satellite system dated 13 Oct 1965. Surveillance photos (TAB A) show what can only be described as a military settlement on the Vozrozhdeniya Island (translates: "Rebirth Island") in the Aral Sea between the regions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
  2. Geographical assessment (TAB B) based off location, recent HUMINT, historical records confirm a theoretically ideal site for the open-air testing of biological weapons. Its insular locations, sparse vegetation, hot, dry climate, and sandy soil that reaches temperatures upwards of 140 degrees Fahrenheit protect the area from transmission of weaponized pathogens outside the confines of the facility. In addition, surrounding deserts and its islands locale offer general security with its overall isolation.
  3. Documents recovered during the Occupation indicated Japanese biological weapons research in Manchuria on the part of the Imperial Army's covert R&D group Unit 731 (TAB C). With the Soviets in control of that region following V-J Day, this research has since been acquired and implemented on the part of the Soviet Union (assumptions based off Khabarovsk war crimes trials testimony from Unit Chief, Major general Kawashima Kiyoshi (et al) between 25-31 Dec 1949 (TAB D).
  4. Recommend opening operational study of direct confirmation of proposed theories and, if need be, the subsequent sabotage of Rebirth Island facility via covert action.

Ryan Jackson

Special Assistant (ADDO/SAD)


Intel Items[]

  • Intel No. 34: (1/3) The intel will be in a corner to the left once Mason exits the cargo.
  • Intel No. 35: (2/3) The room before meeting Steiner will be a gas chamber in the middle. The intel is sitting on top of the cages found there. If any Nova 6 cannister inside is ruptured, the chamber will be sealed, killing everyone in it.
  • Intel No. 36: (3/3) When fighting through the Nova 6 clogged streets in the second half of the mission, once the building with the second floor on fire is reached, enter the house on the right. The intel is on a cabinet at the rear of the kitchen, to the right.


  • The fifth image of the Intel dossier, possibly meant to display the after-effects of Nova 6 on the human body, is actually the result of Smallpox.
  • Kawashima and other members of Unit 731 were granted full immunity from prosecution for their crimes by the United States in exchange for releasing their data only to the American government. This was partly for their scientific value and to keep such data from the Soviets. However, the Soviets conducted their own trials at Khabarovsk and eventually sentenced Kawashima to 25 years imprisonment, though he was allegedly released after only 7 years. The relative leniency of even the original sentence was suspected to be a result of Japanese scientists secretly releasing data to the Soviets as well.