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For the campaign mission, see Rebirth.

Vozrozhdeniya (Also known as Rebirth Island) (Russian: 'Остров Возрождения') is an island that is featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops. It is the location of the mission "Rebirth".

History and GeographyEdit

According to a file in the "Rebirth" cutscene, the Soviet base was established on the island in 1948 as a secret Soviet bioweapons facility which tests a variety of biological agents including anthrax, plague, brucellosis, and tularemia. During the Cold War, the base on the island was used by the Soviets to further develop the German biochemical weapon Nova 6. This was tested on livestock, primates, pigs and even humans. When the time was right, the Russians began shipping it to various cities. When this was near completed, the Soviets began evacuating the island, killing all non-essential personnel. CIA troops under the command of Grigori Weaver and Jason Hudson led an attack on the island to extract the Soviet allied, former Nazi scientist Friedrich Steiner for information about the numbers station. Despite collateral damage, Soviets began using Nova 6 against the advancing troops, leading to both sides fighting in HazMat suits.

At the same time, Mason had infiltrated the facility in an attempt to kill Steiner, killing all the scientists and enemies in his path. Getting to his target first, the CIA was forced to only watch as Mason executed him.



  • Rebirth Island, or Vozrozhdeniya, is a real location, and indeed the Soviets did establish a bio-weapons facility there in 1948, and it was a major R&D facility for the USSR Microbiological Warfare Group until the dissolution of the USSR. The facility, in fact the entire island, was abandoned by its staff in 1992. It turned out there were leaks in the Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, and Chlorine gas canisters stored in the base.
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