Recon Mission is the fifth level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized. It is the first level that introduces the U.S. Marines and their first act in the story.

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In this level, the player will learn how to control the UAV Recon Drone and use it scan five buildings that may contain the nuclear device. The player first starts by putting five computer chips in the proper sockets, then once the chips are put into place, they will have to synchronize the orbits of three satellites. After that, the player finishes the mini-game by aligning the same three satellites to triangulate the target location.

The UAV is then sent to the target location, to scan five buildings emitting abnormal radiation signatures. The player is shown the UAV's features, such as the Attack Mode and the Defense Mode. Attack Mode allows the player to scan buildings and fire missiles at SAM sites and enemy vehicles. Defense Mode allows the player to use the flares to defend against missiles fired by the SAM sites and to have a greater view of the battlefield.

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