For the killstreak in the Modern Warfare series and Black Ops II, see UAV Recon.
For the killstreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops, see Spy Plane.

A Recon Plane, or Reconnaissance Plane, is a killstreak in Call of Duty: World at War's multiplayer that gives a player the ability to call in a Reconnaissance Plane after killing three enemy players consecutively without dying. This feature will reveal all enemy players to a player on the radar and last 30 seconds. The player's radar will update enemy positions every two seconds. However, enemy players with the Camouflage perk will not be revealed. Players using weapons with Suppressors or Flash Hiders but who do not have the Camouflage perk will be revealed.

In Hardcore Modes, the Recon Plane feature will give players the radar feature, which will show the positions of friendly and enemy players while the Recon Plane feature is active. If the player looks up toward the sky, they will not see a recon plane flying above them.

In Game Edit

Recon planes are sometimes overlooked because they are the easiest killstreak to obtain, but they are vital to any team in any game mode. A recon plane will make it much easier to aim artillery strikes and some players will actually wait until it pops up in order to maximize a strike's accuracy and effectiveness. When used with artillery strikes, players should remember that the dots are usually in movement so they should lead targets or aim at possible spawn points. In these instances, a player can rack up to 2 kills in one bombardment and earn themselves dogs. It is wise, however, to not completely trust recon planes because, as stated above, not all enemies appear on radar, so still proceed with caution no matter what. Care should be taken especially when entering buildings, as there may be a hidden camper waiting to kill a foolhardy player that relied too heavily on the recon plane. Players with the Camouflage perk will benefit greatly from recon planes for the reason above, because most new players rely almost exclusively on recon planes and will drop their guard when trying to move to another location. Un-silenced weapons will still show up if they are fired, so it is wise to have both the camouflage perk and a silenced weapon. The HUD display shows the recon plane as being a P-38 Lightning.

Quotes Edit

"Recon Plane is fueled and ready."
"Our Recon Plane will find them!"
"Enemy recon plane right above us!"
Marine Raiders
"Recon Plane acquired!"
"Our Recon Plane will find them!"
"Their Recon Plane has found us!"
Imperial Japanese Army
"Recon Plane awaits our orders."
"Our Recon Plane will find them, wherever they hide!"
"Enemy Recon Plane!"
Red Army
"Recon Plane is fueled and ready."
"Our Recon Plane will find them!"
"Enemy Recon Plane, right above us!"
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