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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: World at War.

Reconnaissance is a Tier Three perk in Call of Duty: World at War that gives a player the ability to find attack dogs, artillery strikes, and occupied enemy tanks on the map. However, it does not show members of the enemy team, this can only be done with a recon plane. This perk is unlocked at level 64, making it the second-to last perk unlocked (the last being the M2 Flamethrower perk in the Tier 1) and the last Tier 3 perk unlocked.

In Game[]

This perk works wonderfully with Camouflage and silenced weapons because it essentially gives the player "extra eyes" and can allow the player to set up ambushes and avoid dogs, and is effective in a stealth class. Reconnaissance works best on big maps where tanks are available, such as Seelow and Downfall. It is a good tool for snipers because some players will use the tank machine gun turret, making them an easy target unless they press the crouch button to duck.

The ability to see dogs will also help alert the user to their whereabouts, causing less surprises. This can also be used to warn teammates of the location of an Artillery Strike. This perk is sometimes overlooked due to the appeal of more combat-based perks, but in the hands of an experienced player it can be used efficiently.

This perk is favored by most experienced snipers rather than the perk Iron Lungs.

The perk is also useless when playing Hardcore, because the mini-map is disabled.

While this perk shows you dogs and artillery, while in Hardcore matches, it will not appear on your mini-map, unless a recon plane is present and it will disappear when the recon plane expires. In order to further see artillery and dogs, the full-sized map must be activated.

For reference, the locations of artillery strikes appear as two small rings on the player's minimap (red for enemy, green for friendly). Note that the effective range of an artillery strike is larger than the ring which appears on the player's minimap. Dogs appear as small dots (red for enemy, green for friendly); this perk is invaluable for killing dogs, effectively taking away their element of surprise.


  • This perk is not available on the Wii, most likely because there are no tanks in the Wii version's multiplayer.