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"Red Riding Hood" was a spy sent to Heligoland by the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives Program to report intelligence about Peter Straub's actions on the island. Straub grew suspicious of him and eventually hung him with chains on the island.

His head was cut down from his original body by Rideau's team using Ripsaws to open the Corpse Gate in The Darkest Shore. After placing his head on the body on the gate and charging the Überschnalle batteries next to the gate, the man would be revived. Despite pleading for his life and saying he was on the MFAA's side, he was brutally pulled apart by the Corpse Gate, opening the door and killing him once again. His head remained on top of the Corpse Gate.


"Uh... uh... Was ist denn hier los? (Uh... uh... What's going on here?)"
— Red Riding Hood upon being brought back to life.

"Ich hab euch doch geholfen. (I helped you.)"
— Red Riding Hood realizing his situation.

"Wartet, wartet! Ich bin auf eurer Seite. (Wait, wait! I am on your side.)"
— Red Riding Hood prior to being killed by the Corpse Gate.

"Bitte, macht das nicht. (Please, do not do this.)"
— Red Riding Hood prior to being killed by the Corpse Gate.


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