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Red SquareEdit

Red Square, Stalingrad
September 18, 1942
1300 hrs

Alexei Ivanovich Voronin is standing in a field with other soldiers.

Soldier: It's no use! Fall back, comrades! Fall back!

Soldier: Retreat! Retreat!

Kozlov: Turn around! Keep going forward!

Soldier: We're getting slaughtered up there! Fall back!

Filatov: Pick up your gun and shoot!

Kozlov: No retreat! Not one step back!

A Commissar sees a Russian soldier running towards them, falling back.

Kozlov: No mercy for cowards! Open fire! FIRE! Kill him! Death to traitors!

A Russian soldier on an MG shoots the retreating soldier, killing him.

Filatov: No hesitation, comrades! Do not take one step backwards!

Kozlov: For Mother Russia, comrades! Do not turn your back on her! Victory or death!

A Commissar blows a whistle, and all the soldiers begin running while yelling.

Soldier: Come on, come on, come on.

Soldier: Pick up your gun and shoot! Move, damn you, move! Don't fall back! Turn around! Keep going forward!

Vornin moves up and picks up a weapon, before he finds Makarov by a large statue.

Makarov: Listen, comrade! We're both dead men, whether we stay here, or go back! Let's you and I find a way to flank them!

Voronin and Makarov begin flanking the Germans.

Makarov: Alexei, over there!

Voronin and Makarov enter a building with Germans inside. They move upstairs and clear it out.

Makarov: Take down the officers first! They're calling in reinforcements!

The German officers are found by the pillars of the large building and in the trenches. Voronin takes them out. They both go back downstairs and artillery begins taking out the rest of the Germans.

Makarov: Get word to Major Zubov that we've retaken Red Square. You'll report to him from here on out.

Voronin goes through a tunnel and goes back outside. He kills two snipers and proceeds to fight off more German soldiers. He goes through a destroyed building and eventually reaches the buidling he must go to. The level ends.

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