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Refund Gun Perk Icon IW
"Missed bullets can return to your ammo stock."
— In-game description.

Refund appears as a Rare gun perk in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, found upon certain weapon variants. It returns any missed shots into the player's reserve ammunition counter for the weapon variant it is applied to.

Variants Edit

Weapon Variant Cost Notes
Type-2 Counterfeit 500Salvage Currency Icon IW
RPR Evo Revenant 500Salvage Currency Icon IW
Mauler Rechamber 500Salvage Currency Icon IW
EMC Mulligan 500Salvage Currency Icon IW Previously named "Mulligen"
Stallion .44 Trick or Treat N/A Obtained via a Halloween Scream Week #3 Supply Drop.
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