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"The Germans have been letting go of the Rhineland an inch at a time. We're gonna have to drive those ferrets out of their trenches one by one. We'll take the fight to Jerry's home all right-in close and looking him square in his eye when we twist the knife."
— Corporal Todd Gessinger, North Shore Regiment

"Reichswald" is the last level of the Canadian campaign in Call of Duty: Roads to Victory.


  • Cpl.Todd Gessinger
  • Lt.Mitchell
  • Perry


The Germans take out one of the trucks in the player's convoy, and they need to defend it to get the supplies to the front lines. Begin by heading into the trench, and clear out German resistance. Once the player makes it to the bunker, get on the MG, and take out the Germans across from the them.

Advance through the bunker, and flank the Panzer to place charges on it. Continue on through the trenches.

The player will come upon another bunker; one of their allies will blast open the sealed door. Storm in, and take out all the Germans. A grenade or two will help out.

The next bunker only has a couple of Germans in it, but the greater danger is the Germans with Panzerschrecks across from the player. Take them out as quickly as possible, as they are a threat to the convoy.

Continue along the trenches, taking out the German resistance the player encounters. As the player reaches the end, they’ll find a group of Germans clustered together. Lob a grenade in to finish them off.

Pick up the Panzerschreck off of the table, and take out the attacking German tanks. Once the tanks have been taken out, German infantry will begin charging the player's position. Use the machine gun to kill them or continue firing the Panzerschreck into the middle of them, and the player will take them out easily. A fourth tank will appear, take it out quickly. Once the player has destroyed the tanks and killed the German soldiers, the level will be done.

 Medal requirement Edit

Gold Edit

  • Time: 9:30
  • Accuracy: 40%
  • Shots Fired: 325
  • Kills: 70
  • Head shots: 30

Silver Edit

  • Time: 11:00
  • Accuracy: 35%
  • Shots Fired: 425
  • Kills: 60
  • Head shots: 25

Bronze Edit

  • Time: 13:00
  • Accuracy: 30%
  • Shots Fired: 525
  • Kills: 45
  • Head shots: 20



Starting Loadout
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