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"How long can you hold the Zombie Relic? In this Multiplayer mode, the Soldier who keeps the Skull Relic away from their opponents for the longest time wins the match. Don't worry, the Skull shouldn't bite. Relic of the Undead is available for a limited-time, beginning Tuesday, June 12."
— Official Description

Relic of the Dead is a game mode added to Call of Duty: World War II as part of the Attack of the Undead community event. The mode performs similarly to the Defender gamemode , with a few differences.


The relic, a zombie head, will spawn in the middle of the map (generally at the 'B' flag in Domination). When a player picks up the relic , their player model will transform into that of a zombie and they will gain armor (extra health) , similarly to Gridiron. As the player is transformed into a zombie when holding onto the relic, they may drop a Tesla Gun when they are killed. The player may pass or throw the relic. If the relic falls or is thrown out of the map, it will be reset.

Every second the player holds the relic, the score bar (at the bottom left) will increase, and when a team holds the relic for a total of 30 seconds , 1 point will be added to the team's score. When a team scores a point, the relic will reset to any of the domination flags, but not to the previous one. If the player drops the relic (killed or by swapping weapons), anyone can pick up the relic and continue scoring.

The first team to reach 5 points will win the match.

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