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The Remington R5 RGP is an assault rifle introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and later appearing in Call of Duty: Heroes and Call of Duty Online.

Call of Duty Online

The weapon is featured in Call of Duty Online as the R5 RGP.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

"Fully automatic. High damage output and range combined with a reduced fire rate for stability."
— Description.


The Remington R5 (referred to as Remington R5 RGP in the game files) is used later in the campaign by the United States Army, specifically the Ghosts (faction). Logan, Merrick, and Keegan each use a Remington R5 equipped with a Red Dot Sight in the mission "Atlas Falls". During Operation: Return to Sender, Gabriel Rorke, Elias Walker, Merrick, and Alex "Ajax" Johnson use the Remington R5 until the dam breaks. Logan wields an Remington R5 in the opening of "Sin City", but it's never used due to the Federation ambushing the Ghosts.


The Remington R5 costs seven Squad Points to purchase. It has a fully-automatic fire mode by default.

The Remington R5 is a moderate-damage, very long range assault rifle. At any range shorter than 32.5 meters, the Remington R5 will deal 48 damage per bullet, needing three shots to kill. Damage decreases linearly until 55 meters. At any range beyond 55 meters, the Remington R5 will deal twenty damage per bullet, needing five shots to kill. The Remington R5 has the longest three shot kill range of all fully automatic weapons in Ghosts multiplayer, with the weapon needing three shots to kill at any range short of 44 meters. The Remington R5 also has a very long way to go before it needs five shots to kill, not falling off to a five shot kill until an enemy is more than 51 meters away from target. The Remington R5 has a very small headshot bonus, with headshots only dealing 5% extra damage. Nonetheless, this allows users to get a two shot kill if both shots hit the head and the Remington R5 isn't suffering from any damage drop-off. Otherwise, headshots will rarely matter. The Remington R5 has medium penetration power, making it decently effective at shooting through obstructions. In Hardcore game types, the Remington R5 has one of the longest one shot kill range in the game mode among fully automatic weapons, with a single shot being needed at any range short of 47 meters.

Range is easily the Remington R5's biggest selling point. The Remington R5's range is not only ludicrously long in comparison to other weapons, but the long range is very relevant, seeing how Ghosts has more of an inclination towards long-range combat.

One of the Remington R5's biggest weakness is its rate of fire. The Remington R5 is tied with the Ameli for the slowest rate of fire of all fully automatic weapons in Multiplayer, firing at an abysmal 631 RPM. This makes the Remington R5 one of the slowest killing weapons in the game in close-quarters combat, where the Remington R5's range advantage is almost always moot. This poor rate of fire means that users will have to limit close-quarters combat wherever possible.

The Remington R5's accuracy is solid. The iron sights are quite thick and are very unpopular amongst players, with the iron sights almost always being replaced by optical attachments. The Remington R5's recoil per shot is predictable with a dominantly vertical bias with little horizontal recoil. The Remington R5 has recoil values of 56 upwards, 20 downwards, 44 to the left, and 44 to the right. The horizontal recoil values are small. These recoil values are 15% smaller on the first shot. Although the Remington R5's centerspeed is somewhat slow at 1400, the combination of a slow rate of fire and low horizontal recoil makes the Remington R5 a fairly easy and predictable weapon to control.

The Remington R5's handling characteristics are normal. The Remington R5 allows players to move at 90% of the base speed, and strafe at 40% of the base speed. The Remington R5 has an aim down sight time of 300 milliseconds, and moderate hip-fire accuracy. The Remington R5's reload speeds are among the best in the assault rifle category, but average in the grand scheme. The Remington R5's reload animation is 2.46 seconds long, or 2.83 seconds long if the magazine is empty. In either case, the user can Reload Cancel after 1.6 seconds. These reload speeds are decent.

The Remington R5's biggest weakness is its magazine capacity. It has by far the smallest magazine capacity of all assault rifles, SMGs, and LMGs, with a magazine capacity of just 24 rounds. The small magazines also makes the starting ammo loadout small at just 72 rounds total. The very short magazine means that players will have to reload very often despite the very slow rate of fire and high damage, while also substantially reducing the Remington R5's sustained fire capability and ability to take on groups of enemies at once, while also making it more difficult for players to go on extended kill streaks with. The small magazine capacity and ammo loadout is enough of an issue that players often resort to using attachments or perks that can rectify one or both of these issues. Despite having a very slow rate of fire, good damage, good accuracy, and decent reload speeds, users will find themselves needing to reload the Remington R5 frequently thanks to this small magazine.

The Remington R5 has the standard assortment of attachments to choose from. All of the optical attachments are available, and they prove to be very popular choices on the Remington R5 due to the poor opinion of the iron sights. An optical attchment fits the Remington R5 quite well, due to it being most effective at longer ranges.

The barrel attachments are all available. The Silencer is a popular choice since the Remington R5 still has a very good three shot kill range even with a Silencer equipped. The Muzzle Brake further boosts the Remington R5's range and makes five shot kills even less likely. The Flash Suppressor reduces muzzle flash, but the effect is only noticeable if the user is using the iron sights, which many aren't using on the Remington R5.

The Grip is not a very strong option on the Remington R5. The Remington R5's recoil is predictable and soft, so players often have little need for the Grip on the Remington R5. The Grenade Launcher is available, and although it takes up the user's lethal slot item, it is a powerful option that can deal devastating splash damage, especially if using Danger Close. The Shotgun gives the Remington R5 a much more lethal close-quarters option. The Remington R5 has very poor close-quarters combat performance due to a very poor rate of fire and mediocre weapon handling, while not possessing a range nor damage advantage in close-quarters combat. As such, the Shotgun can prove to be of assistance and reduce the need for a secondary weapon, while providing a lot of ammunition that can help offset the Remington R5's ammo loadout woes.

The mod attachments are all available. Extended Mags is by far the most notable attachment here, as it raises the Remington R5's pitiful magazine capacity to a much more palatable 36 rounds, while boosting the starting ammo loadout to 108 rounds. The magazine capacity and starting ammo loadout are some of the biggest weaknesses of the weapon, and this attachment fixes both problems in one fell swoop. It is a very popular attachment option on the Remington R5 as a result. Semi-automatic is a very intriguing choice on the Remington R5. Since the first shot has 15% less recoil, the Remington R5 essentially has less recoil at all times (although only 5% less recoil per shot since the attachment increases the amount of recoil per shot, and the centerspeed is reduced to 1190). With the attachment, the Remington R5 is capable of getting a two shot kill if at least one shot hits an enemy in a non-limb part of their body. However, the Remington R5 pays for this great range and damage with a pitiful firecap of just 487 RPM, just a hair faster than the MK14 EBR, a weapon with a much longer two shot kill range and far less reliance on hitting the enemy in specific parts of the body to achieve that two hit kill. Burst Fire allows for three round bursts at an overall fire rate of 371 RPM, in addition to several disadvantages. The range is reduced by 25%, the hip-fire spread is 20% larger, recoil per shot is increased by 15%, and the centerspeed is lowered to 1190, in exchange for the potential to get a two shot kill to centre-mass and higher. The performance cost of this attachment is very high, and many players avoid it as such.


The Remington R5 appears in the maps Awakening and Exodus. It costs $2000. It is different from the version in multiplayer and campaign in that it has a 40-round magazine, making it more effective. This makes it very similar to the Maverick which is also on the map and the AK-12 which isn't. The Maverick is usually better thanks to its elevated rate of fire giving it a much higher damage output. Players may want to consider equipping Rapid Fire on the Remington R5 to offset its poor fire rate.

That said, the Remington R5 is a competent weapon on its own. Its range advantage can prove to be very useful since Awakening and Exodus sees players dealing with aerial opponents at longer ranges, where the Remington R5's great range and solid accuracy can be put to great effect. Although it faces steep competition with the Maverick, the Remington R5's statistical advantages over the Maverick make it a relevant and worthy choice on the maps where it can be purchased.




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Call of Duty: Heroes

The Remington R5 is used by Wallcroft in Call of Duty: Heroes.


  • The R5's serial number is MS00451. This is displayed below the sights.
  • There appears to be a backup sight on top of the regular iron sights.