Remote Sniper side view CoDG
Remote Sniper
Damage High (one-shot kill)
Weapon Class Sniper Rifle
Magazine Size 10 rounds
Maximum Ammunition Unlimited
Rate of Fire 150 RPM
Penetration High
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Used by Ghosts

The Remote Sniper is a mounted sniper rifle that can be controlled via a touch screen in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is usable in the mission Struck Down, where Logan Walker uses it to snipe Federation soldiers at the stadium. It also appears in the previous mission, Brave New World, as a static prop at Fort Santa Monica. Visually, it is a silenced Dragunov mounted on a tripod.

The HUD while controlling the Remote Sniper shows many things. On the left side is wind speed and the range in yards. The right side has air temperature and humidity, as well as a meter saying ".50 cal", with a green bar below it representing how much ammunition is left in the magazine. Both sides of the HUD show the angle of inclination. The top also displays a compass.


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