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"Repairing the Wire" is the third level in Call of Duty 2.

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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The following sections are a walkthrough.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

The player will spawn near a building. Go forward until there is a path that leads to the right. Go into the building that's to the left of the road. The right building is completely useless.

It's possible to silent the both MG42s with the rifle by eliminating seven to eight MG crew.

Wire 1[edit | edit source]

Inside the building, the player will find the first wire. Repair it by hitting the use key. After that, they'll see that troops are hiding behind the junk scattered throughout the building. First, go to the left and fire at the MG42 gunner at the end, then try to wipe out as many troops as possible. When the player feels there are enough troops out, go to the right of the building and run through it, then go back to the left and finish off who's left.

Wire 2[edit | edit source]

After that, run through the hole the gunner was in and repair the wire. Once it's repaired, crouch and look right. The player will have a prime shot of ruins infested with troops. Most of them like to hide behind the junk, so wait for them to come out or throw a grenade. Keep moving and firing, and the player will eventually clear the ruins out.

When that's done, go to the right side of the ruins and get to a doorway that leads to a street. There are troops all over the street and inside the building across from the player, so toss a grenade in the building and fire at the street troops while the house troops are occupied. The player may have to do multiple attempts. After the street troops are down, take out the house troops, then follow the street to a large collection of junk.

Wire 3[edit | edit source]

When the player approaches the junk-riddled area, troops will begin pouring in from the other side of the street and will set up and MG42. Therefore, the player must get on the left side and slowly approach the other side, raining down grenades and taking out anybody that is in sight. Remember to stay crouched, or the player can take heavy damage or die from MG42 fire. When the player gets near their camp, throw a smoke grenade, then run over through it when the smoke screen is up. Wipe out everybody that gets in sight, then repair the wire near the gunner. Don't go through the regular building entrance. Instead, keep going until a crack in the wall is found. Go through it.

Inside the building, there are troops hiding behind boxes on the player's left. Take them out, then head forward.

Wire 4[edit | edit source]

As soon as the player moves through the doorway, they'll see an enemy soldier hiding behind rubble to the left. Take him out, then move forward. the player will encounter troops firing at them from the top floor of a ruined building. Take out one (there's a checkpoint in the room they're in), then grab an SMG and go up the stairs. Between the two staircases is a broken wire, so repair it.

Wire 5[edit | edit source]

The stairs lead to a room with junk in the middle of it. Toss a grenade to the other side and begin shooting everybody with the SMG. When the room is clear, get near the MG42 on the upper-left corner and fix the wire. the player will find a scoped G43 here as well, so take it if it is wanted. However, this is the only scoped G43 in the level, so don't expect any more ammo.

Wire 6[edit | edit source]

After that, take a right and walk past the planks into a small house. There will be troops at the entrance, so toss a grenade and/or shoot them before the player gets too close. When the player gets inside, take a left and then go forward when the left path ends. there will be troops in a room across from the player, so take them out with grenades and an SMG. When the room is cleared out, turn right and there will be another room, this one having two troops hiding behind a drawer. Either toss a grenade to flush them out or flank them. When they're out, turn right and there will be a nearby sandbag barrier with ruins filled with troops on the other side. Crouch and get in a position so that the player is in the center of the barrier. Being in this position will make it so that the player can see the troops, but not vice-versa. Take them out, then go right and down the stairs.

When the player gets near the stairs, they'll see two troops below. One is hiding behind a piano on the left, so flush him out with a grenade, then kill him and his companion on the right side. After killing them, go down, take a right, and go down the stairs.

There will be another broken wire. Before trying to fix it, watch out for the enemy soldier that pops out from the right hall. Take him out, repair the wire, and go right.

Getting to the Radio[edit | edit source]

This time, the player will be in what appears to be a generator room. There are two troops hiding behind two barrels in the center of the room, so watch out for them. When they're dead, go on and take a left. There will be two troops; one at the end of the hall, peeking from the right corner, and one hiding behind a barrel on the left side. Throw grenades at each of them, then run through the hall and finish off anyone within sight.

Inside the next room, the player will find a enemy soldier peeking from a left corner on the other side. Take him out, then go to the glowing radio in one of the left rooms. Grab the glowing sticky bombs near it, then use the radio. It'll tell the player that panzer tanks have been spotted in the area, so they have to be destroyed.

Destroying Tank 1[edit | edit source]

After the radio transmission has ended, get out of the room and look forward. The player will see a door break open and three troops pour in. Take out an SMG and mow them down before they can get off the stairs. Go from where they came from, and enter the next room.

The room is ruined, and there is a sofa near the player. There's usually a troop behind it, so flush him out with a grenade and get him. When he's dead, go to the left, through the hole. Wade through the ruins until the right of the ruined staircase is reached. There are a ton of troops in the next area, so toss a grenade to make them scatter, then shoot anybody that is spotted. There's usually at least one hiding between the ruined wall pieces on the left and in the garbage in the center. Hide in the ruined staircase if the player has sustained too much damage. When the area has been cleared out, head forward and turn right. There might be a enemy soldier hiding behind a drawer on the left, so flank him if possible.

When he's out, go to one of the windows and look left. There will be a building filled with troops. Open fire on them and take out as many as possible. When enough has been done, take a right and run out of the ruins into the building that was just attacked by the player. Throw a grenade near the table on the left and shoot the explosive barrels on the left. Soon, there will be a tank driving up from the front. Run up to it and place a bomb the rear. The player can place a bomb on its treads, but it'll still be alive until some allies come put and throw a grenade inside it.

Destroying Tank 2[edit | edit source]

After the first tank is destroyed, take a left and go forward until the player finds an opening on the right. Go right, and the player will be in an alley with an MG42 gunner from another street pointing at the alley. Fortunately, there's an opening on the right side, so take out an SMG and run in, taking out anybody near the doorway. Go up the stairs and maul anybody in the way. Turn right, and there will be a soldier hiding behind a ruined table. Take him out, then go back to the previous room, go forward until outside again, take out a rifle, and snipe the gunner. After that, snipe anybody that's left in front and on the right. When the area is clear, jump off the roof and go forward.

The player will be back near the building that had the first wire. This time, there are two tanks in the area; one in the front and one to the right. Take the forward one; he's much easier to corner and it doesn't need to be chased nearly as much as the other one. The one on the right will leave when it sees the player, but don't worry about it.

Go into the ruined building, but watch out for any troops on the right side. Go to the end of the building, and the player should see the tank running towards them. Place a bomb on its rear and run!

Destroying Tank 3[edit | edit source]

Go back to the tank that fled earlier and go down the street it went down. There are troops on the left side of the street, so slowly advance and try to flank them as much as possible. If the player tries to use grenades on all of them, they can run out of them very quickly. Stay on the left until there is a raised staircase with a smoke grenade on it. If the player looks towards the window, they'll see a community square filled with troops on the left and right sides. The tank is on the right side. Toss a smoke grenade in front and to the right so that both sides won't see the player while placing the bomb on the tank. When the screens are up, run to the right, find the tank, and place a bomb on its back, then run. When it's blown up, finish off the remaining troops, and the level will end.

Video[edit | edit source]

File:Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough Part 3 - Repairing the Wire - Russian Campaign


Weapon Loadout[edit | edit source]

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The sign "Hotel Kharkov" appears on top of a building.
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