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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
For the reporter in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, see Wendy.

"I met the Reporter who was to deliver the artifact. He said he was going to bring it on his truck in a crate. But when I arrived, the Reporter was babbling and acting wildly, waving a letter in his hand telling me to stay away. The crate containing the artifact had been sealed with some ancient magic. When I told him I must have the artifact and moved towards the crate, he attacked me. I acted in self defense, stabbing him in the chest."
— Cipher written by Edward Richtofen discussing the fate of the Reporter.

The Reporter is an unnamed character featured in the Zombies modes of Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. He is heard in certain radio messages in Shadows of Evil, Der Eisendrache and Revelations in Black Ops III, and in Tag der Toten in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.


Call of Duty: Black Ops III

The Reporter was tasked by a man known as Tony "Hale" Rapt, which was later found out to be an alias by the Shadowman, to uncover many secrets about Morg City and gather several different artifacts from around the world such as the Summoning Key. After he was done in Morg City, Rapt informed the Reporter he would have to head to San Francisco and interview "the subjects".

After collecting the Summoning Key, he would receive a letter from Monty which described the catastrophic events that would unfold because of what he has done. Knowing what he has done, he begins to panic, but was soon confronted by the Primis Edward Richtofen. Waving around Monty's letter, the Reporter attempted to attack Richtofen. Richtofen was then forced to stab the Reporter to death with a knife to the chest. The Reporter's body can be found within one of the buildable windows in Shadows of Evil.

The Shadowman later mentions the Reporter to Primis during the events of Revelations and how Richtofen was the one who killed him.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The Reporter, possibly another version of him, is heard in the audio reels of Tag der Toten. He is brought into Ultimis Richtofen's laboratory at Group 935's Siberia facility on July 18th, 1945 by Maxis, presumably as one of the test subjects Richtofen ordered.

When questioned on his motives, he mentions that the Shadowman sent him the coordinates to the facility to "find some goods", giving him a vague description of a "strange metal object". Richtofen explains that the Seal is not for sale, or for stealing, having just brought it with him, and asked him how he knew it'd be there. The Reporter simply tells him that he's sent where the Shadowman tells him to go, and tells him to go ahead with killing him. He said that Mr. Rapt told him it would be okay if he died, that he'd reach out to the Reporter across the multiverse to seek him out.

He believes that there's another version out there having much better luck than him (presumably his Dimension 63 counterpart, who was ironically killed by Primis Richtofen). When asked what to do with him, Richtofen tells Maxis to "take the sad, strange little man away", intending to dispose of him.


"Hey Mr. Rapt, just checking in. So, I'm here, finally, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of Morg City. I know you sent me here to write a piece about the city's bustling nightlife and theater scene, and the characters that inhabit it, but things are getting kinda strange. Even though no one seems to wants to talk about it, something is definitely off about this city. Just last week there was a meteor shower, a freakin' meteor shower! And everybody acted like it was no big thing. Then, the mold showed up, all over the city. In the dark, damp alleys, there's a strange kind of fungus growing. It looks weird, and smells even weirder, but nobody's really said anything. Then people started getting sick. At first it just made them delirious... confused. Then they really got sick. It was like they were wasting away. People finally started talking about it. I spoke to one guy in his 80s, a fruit seller, at a local market. He said a similar thing happened in New England in 1882. When I tried to press him on it, he just lowered his head and ignored me. If you ask me, something definitely ain't right here."
— Reporter
"Hey Mr. Rapt. So, I went by the market again today. For some reason, the fruit seller was much more talkative, even if what he said was more than a little crazy. He told me that when he was a boy, his uncle would get drunk and start talking about how a 'dark force' cast its shadow over the city. How good and evil were battling right on our doorstep, and that the only thing holding back the forces of the apocalypse was... The Ancient Order of the Keepers. Well, even if what he said was more than a little crazy, I'm not sure he was. Even though they're scared, or maybe because they are... people are talking more. Asking around, I've heard more than a few whispers about this Ancient Order and the Keepers. I think it's some kind of cult. They say you can hear them chanting sometimes, from beneath the city. There's all these rumors about human sacrifice and freaky shit that even the police won't investigate. Because they've been paid off, or because they're too damn scared? I'm not sure what to believe anymore."
— Reporter

"Hey Mr. Rapt. So I tracked down all the people you asked me to look into. I sent you a telegram of all their details, all their contact numbers. But I gotta be honest... I'm getting nervous. These last six months you've had me working like a low rent private dick, when really I just wanna be a reporter. It's not that I'm ungrateful, I know the cheques you've given me are more than generous for services rendered. It's just.. all the stuff you've had me do - tracking down ancient artifacts in the South Pacific, finding all these strange metals and rocks in Russia - and still, I haven't even met you face-to-face! I'm sorry Mr. Rapt, I think maybe the mood in the city has given me a little... it's making me nervous, antsy. Anyway, I'm looking forward to you finally getting here."
— Reporter

"So I just sat down with Stanley Ferguson, night guard at Alcatraz. He told me a heck of a tale. A few years back, four inmates, three mobsters and some weasel had this brilliant plan to escape the Rock. I know they sound like real geniuses these guys. Anyway this "Weasel" was quite a talker, he had these guys convinced they could escape. He told them he could build a plane and that together they all fly wide of the Rock."
— Reporter

"Now the Weasel had plans and drawings and everything, I saw them, but even if they built it, no way that baby would ever fly. These mobsters, it's lost on me, they were smart guys. I mean Sal DeLuca? No way you could convince a man of his caliber, something so absurd. So I get at some point the whole sorry truth came out and the Weasel finds himself cornered. They did him good, left him bleeding to death on the cold stone roof. They all got the chair for it and that was that. Sad to think that three guys like that could find themselves swinging, all because they bought into the lies of a delusional con man."
— Reporter

"Anyway, no clue why Mr. Rapt wanted me to meet this Stanley first but I'm heading the city now. Something about tracking down three doozies and a floozy. Oh yeah, not to mention those artifacts in the South Pacific and Russia. I don't know what that's about. I never even met this guy, why he does stay in the shadows, real weirdo. But the money's good. Maybe it will all make sense when I get there."
— Reporter