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The subject of this article appears in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
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The Repulsor is a directed-energy submachine gun featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It was added on November 18, 2015 for Xbox One, and December 18, 2015 for PC and PlayStation 4. The weapon can be obtained through Supply Drops or Advanced Supply Drops.


Being a directed energy weapon, the Repulsor has no penetration, unlike other submachine guns.

The Repulsor has four variants. The Supersonic features an increased fire rate but a shorter long range, with a 7-shot kill for long range gunfights. It also has built in Extended Mags increasing the rounds in the magazine from 35 to 52. This variant is statistically identical to the ASM1 Speakeasy with the exception of no medium damage range need. The Royalty increases the minimum and maximum range of the weapon but decreases the ADS time and hipspread, stastically identical to the ASM1 Magnitude. The Hypershock has more starting ammo but has a slower ADS time. The Deadstrike decreases the hipspread and view kick as well as the mag capacity and fire rate.

Supply Drop Variants[]

Name Rarity Advantages Disadvantages Notes
Hypershock Enlisted Starting ammo: 35+140 ADS Time +10%
Deadstrike Professional Hipspread −10%
View Kick −10%
Mag Capacity: 28 rounds
Fire Rate: 674 RPM
Royalty Elite Range: 525-1408.75 ADS Time +10%
Hipspread +10%
Supersonic Legendary Fire Rate: 1016 RPM Damage: 35-22-16 Integrated Extended Mags