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"The CIA's most secretive department pits an international team of covert operatives against a new Cold War adversary, and an otherworldly danger. Their mission: contain the threat, both from Omega and the beyond."
— Background

Requiem is a Central Intelligence Agency backed international faction featured in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It is led by Director Edward "Eddie" Richtofen, while its strike teams are led by Grigori Weaver. They are responsible for containing and investigating the dimensional breaches across the globe. They are also mentioned briefly in intel for Call of Duty: Warzone.



William J. Casey: "This proposal, is it yours?"
Edward "Eddie" Richtofen: "Yes, sir. A sub-group within the Directorate of Science and Technology. Internationally staffed, it would provide the illusion of involvement for our allies while remaining firmly under our control."
William J. Casey: ""Office of Requiem". Sounds a little ominous."
Edward "Eddie" Richtofen: "Then it is having the desired effect, sir."
— The initial proposal of Requiem.

The idea of Requiem began with the Associate Deputy Director of the DS&T, Edward "Eddie" Richtofen. After the re-activation of the Projekt Endstation Cyclotron at Morasko by Omega Group member Aleksandra Valentina and subsequent dimensional breaches from the Dark Aether, an emergency meeting was held on November 3rd, 1983 to discuss an appropriate response to Omega Group's recent activities, and the dimensional breaches that had appeared across the world. At the meeting, which included US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and CIA Director William J. Casey, Richtofen proposed the creation of the "Office of Requiem", a sub-group within the DS&T that would be internationally staffed, albeit under the CIA's firm control. Two days later, the Office of Requiem was officially formed with Richtofen named as its Director. Richtofen would personally handpick Requiem's Senior Staff, naming CIA Special Agent Grigori Weaver as Special Operations Officer, Vietnam War veteran Major Mackenzie Carver as Head of Containment and Security, Doctor Elizabeth Grey as Head of Unnatural Sciences and former Projekt Endstation member and Operation Paperclip defector Doctor Oskar Strauss as Head of Energy Research.

Behind the scenes, Richtofen had other ulterior motives to the formation of Requiem; the completion of "Project Janus". Working under an unknown corporate Board of Directors[2], Richtofen would manipulate both Requiem and Omega Group behind the scenes. At some point, he learned of the existence of an Elder God within the Dark Aether known as the Forsaken. Richtofen would then devise a grand scheme to capture the Forsaken for his personal use in Project Janus.

Operation Cerberus

Weaver would soon be contacted by an old friend of his - former BND agent Samantha Maxis. She would tell Weaver to watch a VHS tape that BND agent Dieter had recently sent Requiem; the contents of which contained footage of the Soviet Union arriving at the abandoned Endstation facility in Morasko, and Sgt. Kazimir Zykov being sealed in the facility to close the breach to the Dark Aether. When Weaver asked her to turn herself to the CIA for protection, she refused and even fought off teams sent by Weaver to retrieve her. Maxis then left Germany and arrived in Romania to pursue a new contact within Omega Group, Captain Sergei Ravenov, who, she believed, could be turned.

With the intel provided by Maxis, Requiem authorized Operation Cerberus, a reconnaissance operation in Poland, on November 13, 1983. A Strike Team was dispatched at the Projekt Endstation facility where they discovered the Cyclotron and its gateway to the Dark Aether. During their exploration of the site, the Strike Team entered the other dimension and encountered Mayak, the Megaton Overlord. They also discovered a strange computer where they were able to make contact with a "stranger", Kazimir Zykov, who told Requiem of his time in the Dark Aether.

The Strike Team managed to partially resurrect Omega Lt. Orlov (who had become a Megaton) using Der Wechsler, allowing him to assist them in shutting down the Cyclotron to close the rift opened at Morasko. Orlov warned the Strike Team that Omega Group had big plans and stayed behind to ensure the facility would be destroyed. Raptor One exfiltrated the team as a nuclear detonation occurred. Weaver congratulated the team personally but noted that their fight was far from over.

While Operation Cerberus was a success, seemingly dealing a major blow the plans of the Omega Group, more Dark Aether dimensional tears continue to appear worldwide; dubbed "Outbreak Zones", the largest of which was in the Ural Mountains. Using Aetherium samples recovered from these Outbreak Zones, Carver and the Containment and Security Division developed the Weaponized Aetherium Neutralizer Devices for use by Requiem operators in the field. Requiem also planned to thoroughly study the Dark Aether from within Soviet territory in the Ural Mountains and designed several devices for the operation: a Specimen Analyzer station and a Recon Rover conceived by Grey and the Unnatural Science Division on March 13th and April 14th, 1984, respectively, an Extraction Rocket and an Essence Conversion Module designed by Strauss and the Energy Research Division on April 17th and April 28th respectively as well as a Dimensional Disruptor satellite created by Carver and the Containment and Security Division on March 8th. Requiem also developed an Aetherium Explosive designed to destroy massive Aetherium crystals detected in the Ural Outbreak Zone.

Operation Lost Property

After sometime and no contact from Samantha; Weaver is contacted by Ravenov who alerts Weaver that Samantha has been captured by Omega Group and tells him of the site of the newest dimensional-breach testing and operations facility, the site formerly known as Firebase Ripcord during the Vietnam War, now known as Omega Outpost 25. Unknown to the rest of Requiem, Richtofen had contacted Omega Group Lead Exoscientific Phenomena Research Scientist Dr. William Peck and ordered him to throw Maxis into the Dark Aether.

On June 15th, a massive burst of Aetherium was released at Outpost 25 from the dimensional breach at the facility, causing an Outbreak Zone. Ravenov and Peck were the only survivors (although Peck himself was unaware of Ravenov's survival), each hiding in their own respective safe rooms. Weaver would initiate Operation Lost Property, with the Requiem strike team responsible for closing the Morasko rift arriving at Vietnam. With the help of Ravenov, a Requiem Strike Team managed to enter the facility using one of the teleporters. The team reluctantly helped Peck restoring the facility power in exchange for Maxis, but unbeknown to them, they helped him send all of his research gathered at Vietnam back to Omega. The team also found another a modified computer and continued to communicate with Zykov. After using a truth serum on him, Peck revealed that Maxis was lost in the Dark Aether. The serum soon wore off and Peck tricked the team into disrupting the dimensional rift destroying all electronics and intel stored in the facility. The team, however, used Requiem's Dimensional Disruptor satellite to open a new breach allowing Maxis to escape. The team and Maxis managed to leave the facility and regrouped with Ravenov. Suddenly, a massive Orda appeared in the village but was neutralized by the team who fled the area. As Raptor One arrived, Ravenov informed Maxis that an operation was happening in the Ural Mountains, and he had to stay in the field like she once did. Samantha and the strike team then left Vietnam, returning to Requiem HQ.

Upon arrival, Maxis was placed in quarantine before being tested. While Requiem estimated she only spent roughly 48 hours in the Dark Aether, physiological and metabolic data from the tests indicated she spent several months in the other dimension. They also noted changes like her eyes that were now purple. Requiem also kept her in isolation under the belief she was responsible for Outpost 25 Outbreak Zone. She was subsequently questioned by Carver, Strauss and Grey who were interested with her experience in the Dark Aether. She was deemed unfit to return in the field and was kept inside Requiem HQ for several months, they also seized the radio she used to contact the Requiem strike teams. Weaver, who visited her often, decided to give her a female rottweiler (who Maxis would name Notso Fluffy) to keep her company.

Operation Threshold

On June 20th, 1984, Requiem was authorized to launch Operation Threshold, aiming to study the Ural Outbreak Zone and retrieved Aetherium samples using devices developed by Requiem departments in the previous months. The operation started to interfere with Omega's plan but both organizations tried to stay away from each other to prevent an escalation of the conflict. Operation Threshold would span several months. Omega themselves were continuing work on "Operatsiya Inversiya", which now involved the use of Inversion Warheads; an invention of Peck that were able to open dimensional breaches anywhere that could be used to attack the West. In the meantime, Richtofen continued his manipulation behind the scenes; contacting Omega Colonel Lev Kravchenko on July 22nd and informing him of the existence of an entity within the Dark Aether, none other than the Forsaken. This caused Kravchenko to take control of Operatsiya Inversiya from Valentina, hoping to use the missiles against the entity. Kravchenko was not the only person to learn about the entity, as Major Carver learned of the entity thanks to a seemingly open document found on Richtofen's desk. Carver would keep this information to himself, only sharing it with the strike team.

In early October 1984, Zykov revealed himself to Requiem in the Ural Mountains, as they soon realized that Zykov was behind the communications with the modified computers as well as the crafting stations, the Dark Aether crates, the beverages with physiologically altering effects, and the kiln fortifying weapons. Zykov warned Requiem that an army was mobilizing in the Dark Aether, and they needed to be ready. He also pleaded to help him escape and go home.

Operatsiya Inversiya

On November 16th, with the help Ravenov, who acquired a listening device designed by Aleksandra Valentina working with the Beacon mechanism used by Requiem's team to navigate through the Ural Outbreak Zone, and the help of Grey and her comms protocols, Maxis established a covert and secure communication line with Requiem's Strike Team without Weaver's knowledge. She exhorted the Requiem strike team to meet with Ravenov in the Ruka's missile silo and help him thwart Operatsiya Inversiya. The strike team soon arrived at Ruka, Ravenov managed to secure the control room of the silo. They discovered that the warheads were still pointed to the US East Coast. When Ravenov asked Maxis for a target, she stated that no one should have access to the warheads, and they should be dumped into the Pacific Ocean. To launch the missiles, Ravenov needed the help of the Strike Team to retrieve the warheads launch keys as he prepared them. After initiating the launch sequence however, they found out that massive Aetherium crystals were obstructing the warhead hatches and a giant Tempest called Legion guarding them. With only nine minutes before launch, the Strike Team successfully defeated Legion and destroyed the crystals allowing the hatches to open. As the warheads launched, Raptor One, who was sent by Maxis, arrived and the team left the area while Ravenov stayed in the Ural Mountains.

After the events at Ruka, the Requiem strike team was nearly court marshalled before being pardoned personally by Richtofen, who allowed them to continue operations as normal. Requiem's Senior Staff also held a meeting, where they discussed the incident. Weaver, after learning about what happened, furiously confronted Grey and warned her to never cross his path again. He also confronted Maxis, confining her to her quarters. Richtofen then gave Weaver new orders, forcing him to have Maxis be taken away for additional testing. She would be brought to Block 8, where Richtofen would interrogate and torture her with the intent of developing her powers.

Operation Excision

Sometime after Ruka, Ravenov contacted Weaver using Maxis' direct line, informing him that a group of Omega scientists known "The Omega Eight" were ready to defect to Requiem as dissent and division were spreading within Omega Group. Weaver was soon authorized to launch Operation Excision to retrieve the defectors.

"Surrender now... and you will be allowed to live. Requiem belongs to me now."
Lev Kravchenko

On December 14th, Operation Excision began as Weaver contacted the strike team and informed them to meet with Ravenov and the Omega Eight near a Sanatorium. Their helicopter, however, had crashed and were now missing. After the strike team located the crash site, they recovered a message left by Omega Research Lead of Necro-Analytics Doctor Hugo Jager indicating the scientists survived and were heading near to the monument on the island located on the lake next to the sanatorium. The Strike Team also learned about the Aetherium Neutralizer; a device developed by one of the defectors, Doctor Natalya Zarkova, to neutralize Aetherium particles allowing safe passage through the deadly phase. A modified Recon Rover was left behind by the scientists to be used by the Strike Team to reach them. When the Strike Team arrived at the Monument, they discovered the corpses of the scientists and a message from Jager taunting them and revealing his mission: he himself had infiltrated the Omega Eight with the purpose of eliminating the defectors and capturing Requiem's elite strike team. Jager also indicated that the Aetherium Neutralizer was now in Omega's possession. The monument would soon be overrun by the undead, Weaver ordered the team to leave the area. The team then defeated an Orda that had appeared, with Raptor One arriving soon after to exfil the team. Raptor One would then be shot down by Omega, with Kravchenko himself arriving at the crash site. As Omega Group soldiers dragged Raptor One away, Kravchenko ordered the strike team to surrender in exchange for their lives. The strike team would then be placed in Omega's custody immediately after.

Incursion in Berlin

In the early weeks of January 1985, Omega Group realized the extent of Valentina's deception and learned about her true identity as Ulrich Vogel's daughter. After the Operatsiya Inversiya failure and the loss of the Reality Inversion warheads, Valentina left Omega Group and remained hidden in Berlin where she found the Endstation lab and began her work to open a portal to the Dark Aether and complete Operation Baldr. Richtofen, however, knew about Valentina's plan and secretly sent an experimental robot, Klaus, designed by Grey, as well as a nuclear device to a CIA safehouse hidden beneath the Wall in order to stop her. However, the team intercepted a communique meant for Richtofen regarding Project Janus. To prevent any further leaks about the project, Richtofen activated Klaus to kill the operatives stationed at the safehouse.

Later in January, Valentina opened a portal to the Dark Aether following instructions left behind by her father four decades prior. An outbreak zone appeared around one of Berlin's checkpoints unleashing the undead Nazi soldiers that once was Task Force Baldr. Requiem managed to contain the situation and evacuate the inhabitants by using a cover story about a leak of nerve gas stockpile dating from the war. The nuclear device, however, was lost when the outbreak happened. Weaver and Carver were prevented by Richtofen from intervening further.

On February 2nd, after being held prisoner in Potsdam for several weeks, the Requiem strike team was deployed by Kravchenko in the Berlin Outbreak Zone to stop Valentina and prevent the Dark Aether army from entering their world, using Raptor One's life as leverage. At Berlin, the strike team reactivated Klaus and uncovered the Endstation lab. Under the command of Gorev, Jager and Peck, the strike team began working on a new Reality Inversion warhead to close the portal. The team recovered the uranium stolen from the lost nuclear device by a Megaton and collected essence from Tempests using Endstation lures. As the team progressed, Valentina stepped out of the portal unleashing more zombies and Tormentors. She proclaimed that the dawn of a new Reich was upon them with her army on its way. Valentina and the strike team battled throughout the Outbreak Zone but, ultimately, the team managed to defeat Valentina. The team strapped her to the conversion machine built by her father and activated it, killing her. Her energy refined the essence, completing the Reality Inversion warhead. Klaus understood what its mission was and grabbed the warhead before stepping in the Dark Aether. The explosion closed the portal and stopped the outbreak.

Kravchenko contacted the Strike Team to inform them that Raptor One was waiting for them. The team arrived in the streets of East Berlin. As they untied Raptor One, Kravchenko arrived with his helicopter and attacked the Strike Team. At that moment, Maxis contacted the team and exhorted them to reach one of the building roofs. Maxis used her new powers to open a portal on the roof for the team to escape through. The team was teleported in a room at Block 8 where they met Weaver and Maxis who was accompanied by her dog, Notso. As Richtofen reviewed the footage, he stated that Valentina was no longer a problem and Project Janus could proceed unimpeded. He, however, noted that Maxis was becoming a problem that needed to be dealt with. His testing of Samantha's powers continued into February, and by February 1985, forced her to kill a captured Omega operative by threatening to kill Grey, Maxis complied but was distressed by her actions. Over the next two months, Richtofen continued to assess Maxis' powers which included telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation of objects, creation of two-way portals, etc. On February 8th, Richtofen wrote a memorandum to his superiors, the Board of Directors. In the memorandum, he would assure them that Project Janus would proceed at the right time, and that Maxis would be dealt with.

Further Escalation

By March 1985, Dark Aether activity in the Ural Mountains had increased critically. Two massive Outbreak Zones appeared in both Algeria and the North Atlantic Ocean, with Requiem deploying the strike team to deal with the new Outbreak Zones. Smaller Outbreak Zones also appeared in Germany and Nebraska where people claimed to have heard the voices of their dead relatives. Requiem (correctly) assumed this was all the work of the Forsaken, in retaliation for his defeat at Berlin.

Meanwhile, Omega Group began work on "Operatsiya Izbavitel", hoping to return Zykov (who had also been in contact with Peck) back to their world from the Dark Aether with the goal of having Zykov help weaponize the Forsaken against the West. Peck would secretly contact Richtofen, informing him of Izabvitel. In early May, Ravenov, who was blacklisted by the CIA following Operation Excision, contacted Weaver and revealed that he had information regarding Operatsiya Izbavitel and its location in the Zakarpatska Oblast with a courier having been sent to a Requiem's dead drop in Madrid with documents. Knowing Richtofen was listening, Ravenov attempted to make a bargain for Maxis' freedom in exchange for the info. Maxis was still at Block 8 following the Berlin Incident, but Richtofen allowed her to contact the different strike teams still in the field, as well as sending letters to Weaver and Elizabeth Grey.

Operation First Domino

On May 12th, Requiem was authorized to proceed with Operation First Domino, aiming to rescue Zykov and take him into custody before Omega. However, on May 21st, several Outbreak Zones including the Ural Outbreak Zone collapsed entirely with their Phase expanding rapidly and Aetherium levels raising by 5000% in just a few minutes. Requiem reported that the areas were now uninhabitable for life as they knew it and several teams were missing. They believed the Dark Aether vortices heavily contributed to the acceleration of the terraforming process. By the end of the day, each Outbreak Zone continued to slowly grow by 0.25 inches. They came to the conclusion that severing their connection with the Dark Aether would be the only solution to reverse the terraforming. Seven days later, Richtofen approved Maxis for the operation with her being responsible for the strike team's infil at Test Site Anna through use of a portal. She would not, however, be allowed to participate any further in First Domino.

On June 4th, a Secetary at the Executive Office sent Richtofen a progress report detailing a test site in West Virginia, where construction of "The Wall" was to begin. The same day, at 9:32 AM, an uncontrolled dimensional breach occured at Test Site Anna, consuming all Omega personnel and soldiers with the exception of Peck and Kravchenko. Kravchenko prevented Peck from closing the gateway until they had Zykov. The Requiem strike team arrived soon after outside of the facility from a portal created by Samantha. Supported by Ravenov, the team used an Omega teleporter to enter the facility and were greeted by Kravchenko who informed them they were too late. The team reached the observation tower watching over the town square replica where an activate teleporter was located. Kravchenko, Peck, and the Strike Team witnessed the return of Zykov from the Dark Aether. The lost Russian thanked them before transforming himself violently. The entity revealed that while forty years had passed on Earth since Zykov closed the Endstation gateway, four centuries had passed during which Zykov had to survive and evolve. As he consumed more powerful beings than himself, Zykov evolved and became the Forsaken. The entity then flaunted to Peck how he had tricked him into releasing him from the Dark Aether, and that their realm would now be consumed. Kravchenko lashed out at Peck before zombies swarmed the tower. At this moment, Samantha manifested herself in the facility and used her powers to temporarily hold the Forsaken off. The Strike Team learned that the Forsaken was now protected by a phasic barrier and that an Aetherium Neutralizer was required to reach the entity. With the assistance of Peck, the team built a make-shift device. They also received the help of an unlikely ally, Sparagmos; a Zealot of the Dark Aether seeking revenge over the Stealer of Souls for enslaving his Disciples. With his guidance, the team forged the Chrysalax.

As the team activated the device, an explosion occurred in the observation tower where Peck and Kravchenko were located after Peck mistakenly shot a gas pipe. The strike team then proceeded to town square. With the help of Samantha, who used her powers to power Aetherium Gun Turrets, the team managed to expose the Forsaken's core. As the Forsaken launched a massive counterattack, Samantha sacrificed herself and dived into the its core, sealing herself in the Dark Aether. Weakened, the Forsaken was drawn into the spherical device in the containment chamber. With its capture, the Outbreak Zones around the world began to lessen and collapsed. Soon after, a helicopter arrived to transport the spherical device out of the Soviet Union. The strike team bid farewell to Ravenov before leaving with Raptor One.

"Entity acquired. All breaches sealed. Maxis locked within the Dark Aether. She is no longer a problem for PROJECT JANUS. Divert Strike Team to BLACKSITE 13 for indefinite containment. I will shut down Requiem. Our agents can move on Weaver and the rest."
— The Director, shutting down Requiem.

At his deck, Richtofen stated that with Maxis now locked in the Dark Aether, she was no longer a problem for Project Janus. He ordered the Strike Team to be sent to Blacksite 13 for "indefinite containment" before shutting down Requiem. He then ordered his agents to move on Requiem's Senior Staff. Watching Grey, Carver, Strauss, Weaver, Raptor One and the Strike Team being arrested from his monitors, Richtofen grabbed his briefcase from his desk and left his office. Requiem was presumably shut down immediately after the Senior Staff were arrested.


Edward "Eddie" Richtofen
The acting Director of Requiem. Playing both Requiem and Omega Group, he is dedicated above all else to the completion of Project Janus.
Grigori Weaver
Special Operations Officer
The acting field ops commander of Requiem; despite his previous enemy designation during Operation Charybdis, it was rescinded and Weaver was promoted from CIA Special Agent to Requiem's Special Operations Officer.
Mackenzie Carver
A veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars and a Department of Defense liaison of the CIA who personally requested the position of Requiem's Head of Containment and Security Division.
Elizabeth Grey
A top research scientist in the field of genetics and biology that was selected to become Requiem's Head of Unnatural Sciences.
Oskar Strauss
A former Nazi scientist who worked at Projekt Endstation and later under Doctor Friedrich Steiner's Nova 6 program before defecting during Operation Paperclip. Despite his past history, Strauss was chosen to become Requiem's Head of Energy Research.
Heinrich Meyer
The Chief of Requiem's Berlin Station who flagged Omega Group member Doctor Aleksandra Valentina's presence in Berlin to Weaver.
The codename of the helicopter pilot who serves as transport for Requiem's strike teams over the course of their various missions.
Mark Patton
Special Agent
A special agent who wrote a memorandum to Oskar Strauss regarding an outbreak in Los Angeles.
Marcia Pearson
Junior Analyst
A junior analyst acting as a courier to deliver a sample of Aetherium to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Was killed during an outbreak at Los Angeles.
Various NATO and Warsaw Pact operators who form Requiem's international strike teams against Omega Group and the undead scourge.



  • Aetherium Canister - A capsule device used by Requiem Harvesting Teams in the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone to contain Aetherium samples. These canisters can be placed in specialized cooling units to prevent the Aetherium within them from decaying and losing potency.
  • Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard - An experimental weapon created by the Containment and Security department.
  • Dark Aether Recon Rover - An automated vehicle designed by Grey that seeks out Dark Aether anomalies for a stable entrance to the Dark Aether. Once found, it will enter the rift with its monkey test subject caged in the back, allowing Requiem to map out the Dark Aether and study the effects of the dimension on a live subject.
  • Dark Aether Specimen Analyzer - A station designed by Grey that samples DNA from a severed zombie head to map out its genetics and uncover the process of a zombie transformation.
  • Dimensional Disruptor - A satellite in orbit designed by Carver capable of firing a beam of energy that can draw out Apex HVTs within the Dark Aether and bring them into reality.
  • Essence Conversion Module - A deployable device launched from orbit created by Strauss that absorbs undead essence when they are killed within a generated plasma field around the device. After enough essence is absorbed, the device will convert the essence into items from the Dark Aether via quantum entanglement.
  • Essence Explosive - A modified breaching charge combined with essence that is strong enough to clear various debris and destroy Dark Aether Power Nodes.
  • Extraction Rocket - A rocket designed by Strauss that is deployed in the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zones for Requiem forces on the ground to fill with Aetherium samples. Once filled, the rocket will launch and travel out of the zone to be picked up by other Requiem forces.
  • Klaus - A robot that is capable of long-ranged and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Weaponized Aetherium Neutralizer Device - An interchangeable canister designed by Carver and created by the Energy Research department capable of manipulating Aetherium to generate various beneficial effects, ranging from sub-zero blasts capable of freezing enemies to temporarily allowing users to enter the Dark Aether to move undetected.




  • According to a Warzone intel, Requiem's Operators consist of mostly NATO operatives, but they are open to hiring non-NATO ones. This detail, however, isn't mentioned within Black Ops Cold War, although both NATO and Warsaw Pact operators are all playable under the faction of Requiem.


  1. Elizabeth Grey serves as a representative for the British govt., implying Requiem is active in Britain.
  2. Forsaken intel, Memorandum for the Board