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"The CIA's most secretive department pits an international team of covert operatives against a new Cold War adversary, and an otherworldly danger. Their mission: contain the threat, both from Omega and the beyond."
— Background

Requiem is a Central Intelligence Agency backed international faction featured in the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. It is led by an Unnamed Director[1], while its strike teams are led by Grigori Weaver.[2] They are responsible for containing and investigating the dimensional breaches across the globe. They are also mentioned briefly in an intel for Call of Duty: Warzone.


Requiem has been active since 1983 and has been investigating the various dimensional breaches and anomalies manifesting across the world as a result of the Omega Group reactivating the particle-collider at the abandoned Nazi Projekt Endstation facility. Requiem is responsible for combatting the many Dark Aether manifestations that appear across the globe, they were also sent to investigate the abandoned "Projekt Endstation" facility in Poland after the Omega Group's arrival beforehand. With the help of a former Omega Group member named Orlov, Requiem was able to close the rift at the facility before exfiltrating as the facility was destroyed.

Whilst the "Project Endstation" facility has been dealt with, seemingly dealing a major blow the plans of the Omega Group, more Dark Aether dimensional tears continue to appear worldwide. During this, the Director of Requiem has been putting work into a project known as "Operation Threshold" and Weaver is once more contacted by the enigmatic Samantha Maxis about meeting a contact within Omega Group and their newest facility in Vietnam.

After sometime and no contact from Samantha; Weaver is contacted by Ravenov who alerts Weaver that Samantha has been captured by Omega Group and tells him of the site of the newest testing and operations facility, the site formerly known as Firebase Ripcord during the Vietnam War, now known as Omega Outpost 25.


The acting Director of Requiem, whose identity currently remains unknown.
Grigori Weaver
Special Operations Officer
The acting field ops commander of Requiem; despite his previous enemy designation during Operation Charybdis, it was rescinded and Weaver was promoted from CIA Special Agent to Requiem's Special Operations Officer.
Mackenzie Carver
A veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars and a Department of Defense liaison of the CIA who personally requested the position of Requiem's Head of Containment and Security Division.
Elizabeth Grey
A top research scientist in the field of genetics and biology that was selected to become Requiem's Head of Unnatural Sciences.
Oskar Strauss
A former Nazi scientist who worked at Projekt Endstation and later under Doctor Friedrich Steiner's Nova 6 program before defecting during Operation Paperclip. Despite his past history, Strauss was chosen to become Requiem's Head of Energy Research.
Heinrich Meyer
The Chief of Requiem's Berlin Station who flagged Omega Group member Doctor Aleksandra Valentina's presence in Berlin to Weaver.
The codename of the helicopter pilot who serves as transport for Requiem's strike teams over the course of their various missions.
Various NATO and Warsaw Pact operators who form Requiem's international strike teams against Omega Group and the undead scourge.



  • Aetherium Canister - A capsule device used by Requiem Harvesting Teams in the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zone to contain Aetherium samples. These canisters can be placed in specialized cooling units to prevent the Aetherium within them from decaying and losing potency.
  • Conversion-Ready Binary Repeater-Standard - An experimental weapon created by the Containment and Security department.
  • Dark Aether Recon Rover - An automated vehicle designed by Grey that seeks out Dark Aether anomalies for a stable entrance to the Dark Aether. Once found, it will enter the rift with its monkey test subject caged in the back, allowing Requiem to map out the Dark Aether and study the effects of the dimension on a live subject.
  • Dark Aether Specimen Analyzer - A station designed by Grey that samples DNA from a severed zombie head to map out its genetics and uncover the process of a zombie transformation.
  • Dimensional Disruptor - A satellite in orbit designed by Carver capable of firing a beam of energy that can draw out Apex HVTs within the Dark Aether and bring them into reality.
  • Essence Conversion Module - A deployable device launched from orbit created by Strauss that absorbs undead essence when they are killed within a generated plasma field around the device. After enough essence is absorbed, the device will convert the essence into items from the Dark Aether via quantum entanglement.
  • Essence Explosive - A modified breaching charge combined with essence that is strong enough to clear various debris and destroy Dark Aether Power Nodes.
  • Extraction Rocket - A rocket designed by Strauss that is deployed in the Ural Mountains Outbreak Zones for Requiem forces on the ground to fill with Aetherium samples. Once filled, the rocket will launch and travel out of the zone to be picked up by other Requiem forces.
  • Klaus - A robot that is capable of long-ranged and hand-to-hand combat.
  • Weaponized Aetherium Neutralizer Device - An interchangeable canister designed by Carver and created by the Energy Research department capable of manipulating Aetherium to generate various beneficial effects, ranging from sub-zero blasts capable of freezing enemies to temporarily allowing users to enter the Dark Aether to move undetected.




  • According to a Warzone intel, Requiem's Operators consist of mostly NATO operatives, but they are open to hiring non-NATO ones. This detail, however, isn't mentioned within Black Ops Cold War, although both NATO and Warsaw Pact operators are all playable under the faction of Requiem.


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