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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2.

"Retaking Lost Ground" is the fifteenth level in Call of Duty 2.



Getting Started

The player will spawn on an ally tank. After a while, one of the tanks in front of the player will be blown up, so the player will get off of their tank. There are enemies just past the destroyed tank, but instead of going forward, look to the right and the player will see a back alley. Go through it, and the player should see the enemy troops past the tank, but the player can see them from a safe distance and they will not notice the player. Starting firing at them with a rifle.

Once they are all dead, run across the road and look to the right. The player should see another alley. Go through it and the player will see an MG42 gunner behind some exploding barrels. Take him out, then take out anybody that left. The first Flak Gun is secure.

Gun 2

After taking out the gunner, the player should go left until they see troops on top of and in front of a building. When the player sees them, go back to the gun. Troops will be coming in, but using the SMG should take them out quickly. When they are out, go the route the gun is on, then go up, then left. Again, the player will reach a safe point to take out the building troops without all of them noticing the player. Beware that some troops might be hiding on the right side, so do not go too far. When the troops on the ground are out, go forward and take out the troops on the roof.

After clearing out the roof and ground floor of the building, an ally will put up a ladder on the left side, allowing the player to go up. At the top of the roof is a regular G43 on some crates, so take it if it is wanted by the player. From the G43, take a right and go down the hole, then keep going forward until the player reaches a building with troops on its right side and crates, and barrels and a car in front of the player.

Don't go into the building just yet. Fire at the troops from a safe distance (preferably from behind the barrels and crates, because a grenade can make the car explode). Go into the building, and another wave of troops will come in. Toss a few grenades at them, then go into the back of the building and fire at the survivors. After this wave has been cleared out, the player can move on.

Get out of the building, go forward, and look left. The player will see another gun. However, do not go left. Instead, go forward until the player reaches an alley, then take a left. The player will be in front of the gun, giving a clear shot at the operators. Be careful; there's an MG42 on the top road that's behind the gun, so take it out first. Just keep firing and hiding, and the player will take out the second gun. Soon after the player destroys the second gun, a troop filled truck will come in from the right and park near the gun. Take out the troops as they're coming out. When the troops start running, turn to the left, because there are some troops that will try to flank the player. Take them out, then get rid of the rest of the truck troops.

Gun 3

When the second gun area has been completely cleaned out, go to the right and get past the truck. The player will be at what appears to be a town square. There are troops on top of a roof near the center, so take them out. When they are out, the player will hear an enemy tank firing, so go left until the player sees one of their tanks burst through a wall and destroy it. Follow the tank until it begins to take a turn. Instead of following it, go forward, then look right. The player should see an alley. Go through it and begin firing at the troops at the building in the center of the area. A rocket troop will destroy the tank, but the player can throw a smoke grenade to the Panzer tank after the first tank destroys the Panzer. Then, the player will see the second tank. When the second tank starts to move for a left turn, throw the smoke grenade and the rocket trooper will not be able to see the tank. Enemies will infinitely respawn on the far right, so the player cannot truly clear out the area. Instead, wait until there are few or no troops in the building, then run over to it. When the player is in, get out and go left, then turn right at the end of the building. The player will shut off the respawn point, allowing them to finish off whatever enemies are left. When the area is cleared out, go forward through an alley.

At the end of the alley is another gun. Toss a grenade or two at it, and they should wipe out the entire crew before they even notice the player. If not, just hang back and take them out from a distance.

Gun 4

Now the player must move on to destroying the fourth gun. Get to the gun and look left. The player should see an alley. Go through it and the player will end up in an area overlooking the fourth gun. Toss a few grenades at it. This should finish it off before they even notice the player. There are some troops on the right on the ground and on a roof past the gun, so stay back and take them out as well.

Gun 5

Time to take out the last gun. Go to the area where the troops past the gun were, and take a right. The player should see a destroyed tank. Go forward, but look left until the player sees an alley. There are three troops on the other side, so toss a grenade, then mop the rest up with the SMG. Go through the alley and take a right. The player should see the last gun in the distance. Toss a few grenades at it. This will most likely take out the entire crew without them seeing the player.

The Mosque

From the fifth gun, look right until the player sees a street. Go down it, and the player should find the mosque.There are two MG42s at the top, so stay back and snipe the gunner before they can get a lock on the player. When they're out, take out the rest of the troops on the top. When the mosque has been cleared out, go up to the top and fire at the incoming troops until tank support arrives. When they're at the mosque, the player will exit the level.


File:Call of Duty 2 Walkthrough Part 15 - Retaking Lost Ground - British Campaign


Weapon Loadout

Starting Loadout

If this level is played after "Outnumbered and Outgunned" than the player will keep any weapons from that level

Found in level


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