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For the cut revolver from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, see Rhino (weapon).

Rhinos are a type of Cryptid that appear in Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction mode and in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies map, The Beast From Beyond.

In The Beast From Beyond, their appearance is the same, however, they will attack regardless of being injured. They are the first enemies to spawn in the boss arena. They have very high health and can easily down players without Tuff 'Nuff


Rhinos are the largest of the common cryptid types. Rhinos have very long and muscular front arms, as well as pronounced hind legs. Rhinos have very large armor plating on their bodies, as their entire back and the sides of their torsos are covered in armor plating, as well as most of their large heads. Their main weak points are their eyes and their mouth. They are taller than the player character, even when standing on all fours. Rhinos are capable of curling up into a ball and rolling at higher speeds for short periods of time, and Rhinos are capable of standing on their hind legs for brief moments.


Rhinos essentially act as a mini-boss in-game, as Rhinos spawn in very sparingly, by and large, and they do not spawn in for quite awhile, often being the last of the common cryptid types to spawn in. A specific beat plays when a Rhino spawns in, and when it spawns in, it digs out of the ground very slowly. During this unearthing process, the player(s) will make a panicked in-game comment about the Rhino's presence, and the Rhino is extremely vulnerable in the unearthing process. If one is capable enough to do it, a Rhino can be killed before it begins moving. A Rhino must be fully unearthed before it can move. The Rhino has several specific areas designated for where it can spawn in from, and it usually spawns in a position that is deemed closest to another player, when given the choice of spawn point.

When the Rhino is on the move, it is among the highest priority targets on the battlefield. It has significantly more health than Hunters, and it even has more health than Phantoms and Gargoyles. This makes the Rhino one of the most difficult enemies to kill in the game. Unless the player is using certain weapons as a Weapon Specialist and/or is not using the Weapon Specialist Upgrade, it is common for a player to need more than one magazine worth of ammunition to defeat a Rhino on their own. Its enormous health, in conjunction with the substantial amount of damage it can inflict on others, makes the Rhino among the most dangerous cryptids in the game. The Mammoth is the only non-boss cryptid in the game that bests a Rhino in terms of abilities, and the Mammoth is mostly just a Rhino with some modifications to make it tougher.

The Rhino has a huge base kill reward of $1000. In addition to this, all players in the match, regardless of their level of involvement in killing the Rhino, will gain the $1000 reward so long as they are not downed nor completely bled out. The player also does not receive less money upon killing a Rhino should the killing blow hit an armored part.

The Rhino has several different attacks. Its main attack is when it gets close enough to a player, and it smashes the ground with its front arms, dealing damage over a small radius. It is capable of biting players in a similar manner to a Scout or Hunter, but a Rhino rarely does this. The Rhino has an attack where it will charge headlong at a player that is further away. It will stand still, roar at the player, and then charge until it either bashes the player or a wall. Should it hit a wall, the Rhino will be knocked on its rear, stop briefly, and return to its standard behaviour. An even rarer attack is a variant of the charge attack where it curls up into a ball and rolls at the player, which the Rhino can stop before it rams into an obstruction. All of these attacks do substantial damage to the player and can very quickly down a player the Rhino is targeting.

The Rhino does not attack objectives like the Laser Drill, the Scanner, or Generators. However, it is capable of hitting these if it so happens to be nearby, but only with its smashing attack. The Rhino does substantial damage to the objective if this happens, so a Rhino near an objective happens to be extremely dangerous.

Like Scouts and Hunters, Rhinos are capable of targeting and attacking Sentry Guns. However, it will not temporarily disable the Sentry Gun while attacking it, like with Scouts and Hunters, nor does it have a unique attack when engaging Sentry Guns. Regardless, a Rhino is a huge threat to a Sentry Gun and can very easily disable it with its smashing attacks.

Despite its large size, the Rhino is decently mobile and hard to outrun. It is also capable of climbing and descending to various points, so it's often not possible to evade one by just entering certain positions. When the Rhino is doing its charge or roll attacks, it moves faster than the player can move unless the user is a fully upgraded Medic or is under the effect of Feral Instincts.

Several items are rendered useless against a Rhino. Flares will commonly fail against a Rhino, as they often just ignore it. A Hypno Knife also fails against a Rhino unless the player has the armory upgrade allowing them to do that. A Rhino can take damage from an Electric Fence, but the Electric Fence will commonly shut off quickly after the Rhino commences taking damage from it. The Rhino borders on impossible to one shot kill, but it can still take significant damage from sources that normally one shot kill other Cryptids, so items like the Venom-X, lethal equipment, the NX-1 Disruptor, and the Tesla Traps can still be used to soften up a Rhino, but one should not expect these things to kill a Rhino outright.

A common tactic for taking down Rhinos is to use the Weapon Specialist Upgrade when engaging with a Rhino. The enhanced damage output enabled by the damage boost and bottomless magazine effect combine to make dealing with a Rhino far easier. For the same line of reasoning, slow-firing weapons tend to struggle at dealing with Rhinos, even high-damage weapons like pump-action shotguns, secondary launchers, or bolt-action sniper rifles commonly struggle at dealing with Rhinos.

For players that have the prerequisite armory upgrade to do it, the Rhino is easily the highest value target to hit with a Hypno Knife. Not only does hypnotizing one help the team by simply removing a large immediate threat at no cost to the player's resources, but the Rhino is particularly adept at combat. Its huge amount of health makes it great at forcing other cryptids to waste huge amounts of time trying to kill the Rhino, and its power is put to good use against cryptids, as Rhinos can often accrue several kills just on their own. Even beyond the Rhino's ability to kill cryptids rather easily, it is extremely value just on account of it being a very bulky distraction for other cryptids. It is common for Rhinos to not die before their hypnotized duration wears off and they run to a despawning point. The Rhino's very large size and tendency to seek out players directly also makes it very easy to land the Hypno Knife. On Mayday, where the Hypno Knife is not present under normal conditions, the Hypno Trap serves the same effect, allowing players that don't even have the armory upgrade to allow Hypno Knives to work on Rhinos to hypnotize a Rhino.

Spawn times[]

The Rhino is only allowed to spawn in at extremely specific intervals on each map. Said spawn intervals are listed here. Playing on a different difficulty level can adjust when Rhinos start spawning in accordingly. Rhinos are also often restricted to only appearing once per hive or sequence, with it being uncommon for multiple Rhinos to spawn in during one segment. The amount of players in a match can also affect the number of Rhinos that can spawn in during certain segments.

  • Point of Contact: Rhinos cannot spawn in regularly until the 10th hive, and one spawns every two hives after that. It is possible to face Rhinos as early as the 9th hive, but this only occurs if the player(s) is taking an extremely long time on the second Barrier Hive, at which point the likelihood of making it past that Barrier Hive is rather slim anyway. On hives where the Rhino can spawn in regularly, a specific cryptid being killed - usually a Hunter - will trigger the Rhino to spawn in, with no other cryptids spawning in until the cryptid that triggers a Rhino spawn is killed. On the last escape sequence, Rhinos will spawn at each part of the escape, and when playing with multiple players, more Rhinos will tend to spawn in. Taking longer to escape may increase the chance of an additional Rhino spawning as well, and certain actions can cause more Rhinos to spawn in during the escape sequence by default. An optional Rhino can be found on the roof of the Attack Helicopter buy when entering the city area, and one or two more Rhinos can be found on the way to the cabin area. These Rhinos will simply run away if a player does not shoot them, but the Rhino(s) in the cabin area can be coaxed into fighting the player(s) if a player gets too close to them. These Rhinos tend to take some damage from the Attack Helicopter, but it does not provoke them.
  • Nightfall: Rhinos spawn in a bit earlier than on Point of Contact, but they do not begin spawning in until the 7th hive. On the final hive before entering the facility, two Rhinos will spawn during that hive, one near the middle and one at the very end of the hive destruction sequence. Afterwards, two Rhinos will spawn in during parts of every hive after that. On the last hive in the facility, a Rhino will spawn in at the very start, and when the hive is destroyed, a Rhino will barge through the wall to allow the player to access the outside of the facility where the final Breeder fight takes place. During the final Breeder fight, when the Breeder makes a temporary retreat, Rhinos will spawn in one at a time on a regular interval. Rhinos do not spawn in when the Breeder is within the playing space. An optional Rhino can be found when entering the back half of the outdoor compound area. A Rhino can also break out of either of the two containers that are held in the back half of the outdoor compound area, but it is rare for the Rhino to appear from either one.
  • Mayday: A Rhino can potentially spawn in when taking down the door leading to the cargo hold, but it doesn't always happen. Rhinos can spawn in during the side door sequences of the cargo hold, and it is common for them to spawn in on any of the side door sequences after that. Rhinos begin to spawn in as normal after the 4th hive, but the Rhino cannot appear during the hive that requires the UGB chassis to access. A scripted Rhino appears while breaking down the final door of the cargo hold area, with it barging out of the container that the player(s) eventually get carried up to the upper deck in. It is possible for two Rhinos to spawn in during that sequence. The Rhino cannot spawn in during the final Kraken fight.
  • Awakening: The Rhino is a potential side area encounter on any of the first two side areas. Otherwise, the Rhino does not begin to spawn in regularly until during the 4th Obelisk. Rhinos do not spawn in during the Vanguard sequences. During the chamber meltdown sequence, whenever a loud roar-like sound emits throughout the chamber, at least one Rhino spawns in, and more can spawn in depending on the number of players in the game. During the escape sequence, a Rhino tends to spawn in as soon as the Cortex is laid on the ground in its intended position, and it is not common for a second Rhino to spawn in until the area is completed during the escape sequences.
  • Exodus: The Rhino starts becoming a potential spawn during the 4th side area taken. Rhinos can spawn in earlier if the player(s) target Generators first, which often causes players to avoid turning on generators until the majority of side areas are dealt with. In the side area behind the gas station, Rhinos will spawn in constantly, usually spawning once every 20 seconds or so, until the timer is done. During the base defense sequence, Rhinos will regularly spawn during the defense of the north end of the base. In the event that the player(s) intentionally stall out the Cortex detonation, Rhinos will spawn in at a regular rate, although Rhinos may occasionally be replaced by Mammoths in such a scenario.

The Beast from Beyond[]

The Rhinos will appear during the last step of the main quest, packing huge health capacity and dealing tons of damage to the players. Their charges can kill a player without Tuff 'Nuff and leaving you with a red screen when under the candy's effect. They will keep showing up until the survival timer ends.


  • Pea Shooter (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill a Rhino with only a pistol in Nightfall.
  • Big Game Trapper (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Use a hypno trap to turn a Rhino friendly in Mayday.