The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

"Threat neutralized. We're movin' up."
— The commander of Rhino 1 upon destroying an enemy T-90 tank

Rhino 1 is the call sign of an American M1A2 Abrams Tank operated by the U.S. Army in the mission "Goalpost" during the events of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Fight through Hamburg

For most of the fight to save the Vice President of the United States in Hamburg, Rhino 2-1 leads the armored charge. When the American forces hit the beach, Rhino 1 deploys smoke to cover Delta team's advance. Sandman tells the commander that the infantry will move to the right of the tank and clear the area. Along with its wing man, Rhino 2, Rhino 1 destroys many Russian T90 tanks and eliminates enemy infantry as they move up a street into Hamburg. As the American soldiers enter a parking garage, Rhino 2 falls through three floors, separating the two tanks.

Rhino 1 continues through the garage. Meanwhile, Frost, Sandman and Rhino 2's tank crew fight their way up onto a street, where they are engaged by a Russian T90 tank.  In an act of desperation, the gunner of Rhino 2 cries out, "Rhino 1, where the hell are you!?". At that precise moment, Rhino 1 comes crashing through a wall and targets the Russian tank. The T90 attempts to traverse its turret towards the American tank, but Rhino 1 is quicker on the draw and destroys the T90, saving the American forces. The commander of Rhino 1 remarks, "Threat neutralized, we're movin' up."  Supported by the infantry, Rhino 1 rolls up the street, engaging Russian infantry. However, Rhino 1 is eventually barraged by mortars and destroyed. The remainder of the American Forces retreat into the shelter of a nearby building.

Tank Crewmen

  • Commander - (K.I.A.)
  • Gunner (K.I.A)
  • Loader - (K.I.A)
  • Driver (K.I.A.)


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