The Right hand of God quest is the name of the quest that would redirect power the aforementioned Right Hand of God in the Emperor's Chamber in COD WW2.  


The Right Hand of God is a quest that's an integral part of the main story line. The first time you get to the objective you may have trouble with it, but once you complete it you should have little to no problems with it.    


First you must have killed the Brenner and acquired the Tesla Gun. First you must activate the right hand of god then activate the relay in the Command centre and put in the correct colour (red, green, blue found in that order on all relays). The player knows that they put in the right colour because there will be a zapping noise. 

The relays are in the Command centre, 2 are in the sewer, one near the morgue and the other is in the hallway connecting Riverside and the Sewers and the final one is in the pub near the entrance to the tower. 

Once in the tower you activate the central Retractable Lightning Rod Mechanism. If the player fails this step then you can simply restart it. Once done successfully, the player must activate the side Retractable Lightning Rod Mechanism. Once done successfully the quest is done. 

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