For similarly named weapons, see Ripped MG Turret and Ripped Rocket Turret.
Ripped Energy Turret
Damage 36-30-27 (MP)
Damage Multipliers x1.4 Head
Magazine Size 100%
Maximum Ammunition 100+0
Rate of Fire 1200 RPM
Ammo consumption: 600 percentage units per minute
Range (explanation) 1000-8000
Penetration None
Fire Mode Automatic (continuous)

The Ripped Energy Turret is a Directed Energy Weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

When the Remote Turret is equipped with the Directed Energy module, the Rippable module allows the player to rip off the energy turret head to carry it onto the battlefield. It fires similarly to the EM1, but comes with much more power and never overheats, at the cost of having a limited amount of ammunition. The Ripped Energy Turret has one of the fastest TTKs (Times To Kill) in the game, and is best fired in short bursts, to conserve ammo. The accuracy of the ripped energy turret head is similar to what is observed with the EM1 while the player is walking and firing at the same time.

In Exo Zombies, it is possible to obtain a Remote Turret with this module.