For similar weapons, see Ripped Rocket Turret and Ripped Energy Turret.
Ripped MG Turret
Damage 35 (MP)
Damage Multipliers x2 Head
Magazine Size 100 rounds
Maximum Ammunition 100+0
Rate of Fire 600 RPM (1000 for the first 4 rounds)
Range (explanation) 1200-1800
Penetration Medium
Fire Mode Fully-Automatic

The Ripped MG Turret is a weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.


The Rippable module upgrade for the Remote Turret allows the player to rip off the turret head to carry it onto the battlefield, similar to how the Death Machine from previous games is practically an unmounted version of the Sentry Gun. It will be kept in the player's scorestreaks inventory after it has been taken, even after dying, until all of its ammo is used up. The machine gun turret has 100 rounds of fire, and is a three-shot kill at all ranges, with a headshot scoring double the damage and being a two-shot kill. Note that the default turret will always be a one-shot kill in Hardcore game modes. It fires at a healthy 600 RPM, but will actually fire at 1000 RPM for the first four rounds, making it a very powerful weapon when used properly. It is important to note that the Rocket Turret and Directed Energy modules will modify the turret ripped off.

Exo SurvivalEdit

The Ripped MG Turret is obtainable in the same way as in multiplayer, by adding the Rippable module to the Remote Turret obtainable from the Orbital Care Packages. After an update, some enemies in Exo Survival use the three different variants of the ripped turrets after the map is flipped (later into the rounds).

Exo ZombiesEdit

In Exo Zombies, all turrets will come with this module from Orbital Care Packages.