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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.
For the submachine gun in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Infinite Warfare, see Ripper (submachine gun).

"Ripper, shed some blood!"
— Spectre upon Ripper reaching full energy

The Ripper is a specialist weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III for Spectre. It is a mono-edged twin blade that Spectre uses in close combat. This melee weapon is an instant kill when hit. It can be acquired by Blackjack using his Rogue ability.

When it is fully charged, enemies in range of the Ripper are marked by a red X regardless if the Ripper has actually been activated or not (allowing players to save the charge for when it is needed), and Spectre will automatically lunge at them once the Ripper is activated, regardless of their height relative to Spectre. Unlike other Specialist weapons, the Ripper's base charge time is just 102 seconds (77 with Overclock), while most specialist weapons take close to five minutes to charge. Prior to the 1.04 patch, the Ripper's charge meter did not deplete completely when killed while using it. Instead, it began to recharge from where it was stopped, making the Ripper the fastest specialist weapon to earn in between uses. After the patch, the charge meter depletes significantly upon dying, taking away as much as half of the charge it was at before dying, and depleting completely if half of the bar was already depleted. It has recently been further nerfed to where dying depletes 2/3 of the charge meter instead.

Also unique to the Ripper is that once it is activated, the attack can be performed with the Melee button instead of the usual command, as the player retains the ability to use their other weapons. The player is also awarded more points for a kill, at 150 points in Team Deathmatch as opposed to the standard 125.

In terms of functionality, the Ripper automatically kills any enemies hit by its blade. If the player activates the Ripper repeatedly, it actually has a good standing chance of getting several kills within close quarters, unlike that compared to the Combat Knife. Due to its nature, the Ripper is easily the deadliest and most reliable specialist weapon in close quarters battles.