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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode

Rituals are a key feature of the Zombies map Shadows of Evil in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. They are required to obtain Gateworms, who are used to open the Sacred Place room and Pack-Punch machine in the map, which is also a step in the map's Easter Egg Apocalypse Averted.


In order to activate any of the Rituals on the map, there are specific items that are required. To perform the rituals, players must obtain the Summoning Key, which is used in all rituals. To begin a ritual, players have to place a Ritual item connected to a sin in its respective altar, then interact with the alter with the Summoning Key.

Activating a ritual will spawn a person tied to the item and the sin, as the summoning key disassembles and spins around the scarified person. It will also spawn in Keepers who fight alongside zombies until time passes and the sacrifice is done. When the sacrifice is done, the scarified person has his eyes shine, as he appears to be killed by the summoning key, spawning a Gateworm. Furthermore, a Margwa spawns completing the second and fourth ritual.

Upon completing all four base rituals, an area known as the Sacred Placed in the Subway will be unlocked, as the four symbols of sin and the Apothicon symbol shine. Players then have to place the obtained Gateworms on fiery stances, then start a fifth ritual by interacting with the altar. Keepers will spawn again, and after some time the Apothicon Rift Stone will open, allowing the players to Pack-a-Punch their weapons.

Ritual Items[]

The Ritual Items are all obtained by using the Beast mode. Picking a ritual item will spawn two Keepers into the map.

Summoning Key[]

The Summoning Key is located inside a crate placed on a truck in Easy Street (Spawn), accessed by attacking the crate in Beast form.

Laywer's Pen icon Shadows of Evil BO3

The sacrifice given from Nero.

The Magician[]

The Ritual site for The Magician is his apartment above Easy Street with his sacrifice being the "Laywer's Pen" which is located within a crate held by a crane just outside the entrance to Easy Street. The Beast is required to electrify the meter to cause the crane to swing into the map before dropping the crate, breaking it and revealing the Pen.

The Boxer[]

Promoter's Champion Belt icon Shadows of Evil BO3

The sacrifice given from Floyd.

The Ritual site for The Boxer is The Anvil gym and boxing ring located in the Waterfront District with his sacrifice being the Championship Belt he yearned for which is hidden within a crate, dangling from a chain above the Waterfront District. The Beast can access the crate by grappling to the platform where it is held and swinging at it, which will knock it down to the ground below, revealing the Belt.

The Detective[]

Detective's Badge icon Shadows of Evil BO3

The sacrifice given from Jack.

The Ritual site for The Detective is the Ruby Rabbit nightclub in the Canals District while his sacrifice is the Badge of his partner on the beat, hidden within a crate behind a locked grate in the canals. The Beast can break the box with melee and open the grate by shocking the volt meter hidden behind some brickwork with the Mark of the Beast painted on it. Doing so will open the grate up and allow the Badge to be picked up.

The Femme Fatale[]

Producer's Toupee icon Shadows of Evil BO3

The sacrifice given from Jessica.

The Ritual site for The Femme Fatale is The Black Lace Burlesque nightclub in the Footlight District with her sacrifice being the toupee of her Producer, located on the edge of a building in the walkways leading out into the Footlights District proper. The Beast can cross the gap to the building and knock the crate containing the toupee onto the ground below, breaking the crate and revealing the Toupee.


  • The Beginning of the End (60Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Silver Trophy PS3 icon) - In Shadows of Evil, complete all Rituals.
  • Packing Early (90Gamerscore/ Gold Trophy Gold Trophy PS3 icon, Last-Gen only) - In Shadows of Evil, complete the Pack-A-Punch ritual during wave 1.