"River Raiders" is the eleventh level of Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS), where the player must man a machine gun on a boat and fight enemy ground and river forces. Then the player must fight to the extraction zone on foot.



Once the mission starts, two trucks can be seen moving on the bridge up ahead when Capt. West destroys them. Multiple boats will attack the team and the troops on them need to be killed. Eventually, two SOG operatives will radio for assistance. The boat will slow down so all attacking VC can be killed.

Immediately after the two operatives are saved, more boats will attack the main team. One of the boats flees to a dock near a base on the shore where it and the base are destroyed by Capt. West. Then the team's boat crashes into two more VC boats, killing the VC on board. Once the squad recovers, another convoy appears on a second bridge to kill the squad. Afterwards, two more ground targets and a boat are destroyed by West. The last of the boats attack the team and the team finally finds shelter for the night.

The next morning, a VC patrol stumbles upon the squad's hideout. The squad is forced to fight through the patrol to the supply village on foot. Finally, the team reaches the village, only to be ambushed by VC hiding in the surrounding buildings. Reinforcements pour into the captured village and the squad has to find defensive positions until Pelican-One, the extraction helicopter, arrives


  • There is a crashed helicopter on the other side of the river after the squad leaves the boat. This may have been where the two SOG operatives the player saves earlier came from.
  • If the player fires on the VC boats long enough, they will be destroyed.
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