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RJackson is the user account of Ryan Jackson in the Central Intelligence Agency Data system which is accessible from the computer terminal in the interrogation room depicted in the main menu of Call of Duty: Black Ops.


The account uses a non-secure password, SAINTBRIDGET.


Typing the command MAIL opens Smith' mail account. It then shows a list of messages exactly as follows:

ID From Date Subject
0 Richard Kain Wednesday, October 23, 1963 RE: Op Status - Mason
1 Richard Kain Sunday, June 5, 1966 Victor Reznov
2 Richard Kain Wednesday, February 10, 1968 MKU
3 Grigori Weaver Tuesday, November 22, 1977 Kristina Raskova
4 Richard Kain Thursday, November 22, 1977 Grigori Weaver
5 Richard Kain Friday, May 12, 1978 Congratulations
6 Richard Kain Monday, September 25, 1978 C
7 Richard Kain Tuesday, October 3, 1978 Op C
8 Richard Kain Monday, October 30, 1978 Field Status

RE: Op Status - MasonEdit

From: Kain, Richard
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Wednesday, October 23, 1963
Subject: RE: Op Status - Mason

Your concerns are sound but your request to reassess Agent Mason's field status is denied. The call has been made and it's over. Mason offers the Agency the best opportunity to track down and eliminate Dragovich, You've compiled the reports; you know this better than anyone. Leave it alone.


Victor ReznovEdit

From: Kain, Richard
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Sunday, June 5, 1966
Subject: Victor Reznov

Do me a favor and get me all that you have on a Soviet Army Sergeant named "Victor Reznov." Start with the Battle of Berlin files, particularly the Battle of the Reichstag. Agent Mason, as you know, has a penchant for this guy. Based on your report from 1 Nov 63, he's the reason Mason managed to escape Vorkuta, but I don't buy it. 2 men could not have escaped a Soviet gulag without some kind of internal support. I want to know everything about Reznov; Mason may be comprised and if he is, this Reznov would have something to do with it. I need it by tomorrow AM.



From: Kain, Richard
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Wednesday, February 10, 1968
Subject: MKU

Do me a favor and see what you can dig up on MKULTRA and all of its associated sub-projects. Anything relating to MKSEAARCH you are to forward to Jason Hudson ASAP for use in getting to the bottom of Agent Mason's issues. Everything else comes to me and me alone.

This is one's hot. Prioritize it accordingly.


Kristina RaskovaEdit

From: Weaver, Grigori
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Tuesday, November 22, 1977
Subject: Kristina Raskova
Dear Mr. Jackson,

I was referred to you by my associate Jason Hudson. He says you're the best analyst in Langley and can find anything and everything one you're put on the trail. I could use some help. It's a little outside of S.O.P. but my hope is that you'll sympathize with my plight.

I came into some information recently that my youngest sister Olga, who I thought was killed during the Great Purge, did indeed survive Stalin's horrors and was adopted into the Prozorova family and later married a man by the name of Razkova in 1954. Further, from what I understand, Olga died in child birth but her daughter, Kristina, survived and as far as I know still lives in Moscow to this day. My information ends there.

I would appreciate any help you can provide in locating my niece. This Kristina girl is the only blood I have left in this world and I would be in your debt if you could somehow find a lead, however small, for me to find her.

Thank you for your time and I would appreciate any help you can offer.


Greg Weaver

Grigori WeaverEdit

From: Kain, Richard
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Thursday, November 22, 1977
Subject: Grigori Weaver

Received your note regarding Agent Weaver's supposed niece, Kristina. You're not to pursue his request any further. Feed him whatever he needs to get off your back. You know the drill.



From: Kain, Richard
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Friday, May 12, 1978
Subject: Congratulations

Everything has been approved. You work for me now -- Special Assistant to the ADDO/SAD. Pack up your desk. It's time to move upstairs with the big boys.

Good job, Ryan. Go home, kiss your wife, and have a nice weekend with the family. Starting tomorrow, you belong to me.



From: Kain, Richard
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Monday, September 25, 1978
Subject: C

I want you to start a file under the heading OP-C. No eyes other than you and me. Start with a compilation of everything we have on NOVA 6 and the players involved. We'll discuss details face to face. I'll be in touch.



From: Kain, Richard
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Tuesday, October 3, 1978
Subject: Op-C

I sent over a logistical breakdown on the proposed Operation Charybdis. This matter is classified TOP SECRET and you are not to discuss this op with anyone other than me. Hudson, Mason, and Weaver have many friends in the Agency and this op will be less than popular to say the least. But you've been following these 3 very closely and I know you understand the potential danger they pose to National Security better than anyone.

Get to London. Talk to Barclay Hendry. He'll see to it you get their best operatives.

You're my point man on this. Don't let me down.


Field StatusEdit

From: Kain, Richard
To: Jackson, Ryan
Date/Time: Monday, October 30, 1978
Subject: Field Status

Your request for field status is approved. My secretary is routing the forms for signature now. Understand that your efforts over the last few years with the Mason affair have not gone unnoticed. As such, my secretary is also dropping off a token of thanks, from me to you. It's a valuable tool and I trust you find it as educational as I did when I was in your position. Absorb the man's lessons. Implement them daily. It will help in the field. I won't ask you to train a harem into a fighting force but I will be looking for his influence in your operational updates.

God speed.



Typing the command DIR opens Jackson's home directory /home/rjackson/, which contains 6 files. Each file is viewable by typing the command CAT followed by a filename.


April 13, 1978


PLACE OF BIRTH: Lviv, Ukraine

NATIONALITY: Jewish-Ukranian / Caucasian

D.O.B: 11/10/1955

AGE: 23

HEIGHT: 5' 8"

BUILD: Athletic

WEIGHT: 120 lbs

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Blonde


A former KGB "swallow," 5 years ago the Agency flipped the candidate after a crisis of conscience during the attempted sexual blackmail of a key east East Berlin Agency asset (TAB A). She would not commit to defection or betrayal, but she agreed to memorize contact information for her handler and would consider further contact at her discretion. Code-named "The Wall," the candidate was filed away and went dark until 6 months ago.

In the intermittent time, the candidate transferred from the KGB to the GRU (Soviet military intelligence) where she quickly ascended the ranks thanks to her steely resolve, competitive drive, and infectious personality. No longer a "honey-pot" used to seduce Agency operatives, the candidate became a key aide within the Soviet Defense Council, associating herself with one COLONEL ANTON VANYA (TAB B), former protege to the late Nikita Dragovich. Their relationship turned sexual but abusive and soon turned repugnant to the candidate.

Six months ago, the candidate attempted to end the relationship after discovering she was with child; but Vanya responded with a beating normally reserved for enemy P.O.W.s. The candidate miscarried as a result and within 24 hours she sent a burst transmission over shortwave frequency to her original handler out of East Berlin and agreed to work as a double agent. On orders from Colonel Vanya, her current GRU assignment is to locate, seduce and detain Alex Mason, making her more than an ideal fir for Operation Charybdis.






A. What is it?

B. Who can be Hypnotized?

C. The Induction of Hypnosis

1. Pre-Testing for Suggestibility

2. Induction Procedures

a. Verbal Suggestion

b. Fascination Plus Verbal Suggestion

c. Nacro-Hypnosis

D. Other Factors

1. What Makes a Good Subject?

2. What Characterizes a Good Operator?

3. Stages of Hypnosis

4. "Laws of Hypnosis"

5. Can a Subject Be Hypnotized Against His Will?


A. Disguised Pre-Testing

B. Disguised Induction

C. Specific Operational Situations












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