Cutscene Walker:​ ​It's been four grueling months since we took our first German city at Aachen. That mission and the weeks that followed have been particularly difficult. A bitter, cold fight, trying to hold off the Germans at Stavelot, have been one of the few times in this war I actually thought I might not make it back home. My men came out decorated for their sacrifices. That doesn't change the fact that we've paid a heavy price to get into Germany. We've been hearing rumours that a bridge across the Rhine is still intact, and we're heading there to check it out. The end of this war is close, and we all know that. Germany has nowhere to stay but home, and that's no longer a safe place to sleep.

[Chuck Walker]​

'​[April 7, 1945'​]

[​Remagen, Germany]

Walker and his squad are walking up a road.

Church: Hey Sarge, why are we headin' to this town again?

Walker: That bar means Lieutenant, Sergeant Church, or did you forget about those battlefield promotions after our last mission? I ought to bust you right back down to buck private...

Church: Sorry sir, still getting used to the new stripe myself. So where are we headed?

Walker: Some little town called Remagen. HQ ordered us to scout it out since there was an old railroad bridge leading across the Rhine. The thing is, the Germans are in the habit of burning all their bridges behind them as they retreat into the Fatherland.

Church: So, we're looking for a bridge that probably isn't even there?

Walker: A bridge across the Rhine River would give us a direct line to move tanks and men straight into Germany. Those Germans aren't foolish enough to let that happen.

The squad approaches the town.

Church: Kettenkrad! Take cover!

The squad begins to make their way through the town, encountering German resistance throughout. They eventually make it to the bridge.

Church: Sir, it's the bridge! The bridge is still standing! I don't believe it. We gotta call headquarters!

Coen: HQ, HQ. This is Able Company. We have confirmation that the Remagen bridge that crosses the Rhine is intact. Repeat, Remagen bridge on the Rhine is intact. Over.