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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The subject of this article appeared in Zombies mode
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"Ah it appears that the shield is quicker the eyeeee! "
Nero Blackstone, when killing a Zombie with the Rocket Shield

The Rocket Shield is a weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops III in the Zombies maps Shadows of Evil and Der Eisendrache. It is a large Art Deco riot shield with a molded eagle large headlight above the window (similar to a locomotive) on its front side, and a rocket (similarly to the Der Eisendrache rockets) on its back side.

It is the spiritual successor to the Zombie Shield, being able to melee when equipped and block back attacks from zombies when unequipped, but has a burst function which can fling the player forward, knocking zombies away. Unlike the Zombie Shield, it cannot be planted as a distraction for zombies.

Charges for the shield can be replenished by a Max Ammo Power-Up which will refill all charges and utilising white gas canisters with red valves that can be found in specific spots of the map in both Shadows of Evil and Der Eisendrache or found in Harvest Pods in Shadows of Evil, these will refill a singular charge.

Obtaining the Rocket Shield

Shadows of Evil

Part Spawn Area Spawn Locations
Rocket Shield Eagle Plate Piece (Shadows of Evil) BO3.png Canal District ·Against the window in the Smoke Lounge.

·Placed against the wall in the Smoke Lounge opposite of the window.

Rocket Shield Fuel Canisters Piece BO3.png Waterfront District ·Leaned against the window across from the Perk-a-Cola Machine.

·On the bridge leading to the Lounge.

Rocket Shield Screen Piece (Shadows of Evil) BO3.png Footlight District · Next to the Perk-a-Cola Machine.

·Inside the tunnel to the Tram station, placed on a bench on the left side.

Der Eisendrache

Part Spawn Area Spawn Locations
Rocket Shield Eagle Plate Piece (Der Eisendrache) BO3.png Upper Courtyard · Right side of the Research Room's entrance.

· Placed left to a corpse of a Radio Operator in the tower.
· Next to the staircase leading up the Clock Tower.

Rocket Shield Screen Piece (Der Eisendrache) BO3.png Catacombs · Above the Pack-a-Punch Machine teleporter platform, accessible with Anti-Gravity active.

· Above the doorway to the Rocket Test teleporter, accessible with Anti-Gravity active.
· On the metal architecture around the top of the Pyramid, accessible with Anti-Gravity active.

Rocket Shield Fuel Canisters Piece BO3.png Lower Courtyard · Placed on crates beside the gate trap switch inside the Courtyard.

· At the bottom of a small staircase leading to a window, beside passage to the Wundersphere landing pad.
· On the staircase to the Death Ray.


The Rocket Shield can be upgraded into the Goddard Apparatus on either map, which sustains more damage and has four bursts instead of three. To obtain it, one must kill 10 or more zombies with 12 consecutive bursts with the Rocket Shield.[1]


  • Strike! - (BronzeBronze Trophy PS3 icon.png/25Gamerscore.png) - In Shadows of Evil, use the rocket shield attack to kill at least 10 zombies in one burst.



  • The sound of bowling pins knocked over is heard every time the player kills more than 10 zombies with a burst from the Rocket Shield.
  • The pick-up notification text for the Rocket Shield calls it the "Zombie Shield".
  • The Group 935 logo can be seen on the light on the front of the shield in Der Eisendrache. It is the original logo with the SS runes, despite it being removed from other Group 935 instances.
  • In Der Eisendrache, upon equipping the Zombie Shield Richtofen can: "I have heard the that the shield.. is quicker than the eye.", suggesting he has observed Nero Blackstone and the rest of the Shadows of Evil crew, as he indeed appears in the end of the Shadows of Evil easter egg Apocalypse Averted.
  • The name of the upgraded shield, "Goddard Apparatus", is a reference to the American scientist and pioneer of modern rocketry, Robert H. Goddard.
  • The Rocket Shield was seen in the Revelations trailer, although it does not actually appear in the map.