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The subject of this article appeared in Call of Duty 2: Big Red One.
"Yeah... I guess you done all right out there."
Victor Denley to Roger

Sergeant Roland Roger was an American soldier in World War II, serving in the 1st Infantry Division, Fox Company. He is also one of only two men who weren't killed, wounded or replaced in his squad. He served with his squad from Africa all the way up to Germany.


Early Life

Not much is known about Roger's early life. Except he has a brother named "Stretch", and they have at least one parent or guardian alive at home.

Military Career

Roger is part of the 1st infantry Division, Fox Company under the command of squad-leader Sgt. Hawkins and company leader Delaney.

Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

Operation Torch and North Africa

Roger's involvement with Operation Torch was to take an airfield overtaken by Vichi-French forces. He is first seen in a half-track with his squad on November 8, 1942. On their way to the airfield they are ambushed and their gunner is shot which forces Roger to take over. After taking out as many enemy soldiers as he can, they finally arrive at the airfield. He then helps his squad take airplane hangers and eventually mans a Flakvierling eliminating enemy planes eventually taking the airfield. Later, on February 13th, 1943, he was given a ride and manned a Stuart Light Tank, giving him impromptu tank training. A few days later, on February 19th, 1943, in Kasserine Pass, he helps hold off tanks in a counterattack to retake the Pass, with him and Denley escorting three engineers to eliminate the rest of the tanks. Then, Roger, Kelly, Denley and some other soldiers help recapture American artillery taken by the Germans. On February 22nd, 1943, in Kasserine, Roger and the rest of the squad help hold the line, during a counterattack on the town, so the medics, who are using the town as a field hospital, can evacuate safely. During the counterattack, Roger saves Hawk's life from a German sniper and after the medic, that is called to bandage him, is killed. Later that day, they are chased by a Panzer IV which Roger can destroy with a Bazooka. Roger and his squad then leave Kasserine in a half-track and this ends their North African campaign.

Operation Husky and Italy

Roger and Fox Company begin their Italian campaign in Sicily on July 10th, 1943, where they established a beachhead at Gela Beach. Then the squad rescues Colonel Young and two survivors, whose glider plane crash in deep into the town of Gela, from an attack, where Roger destroyed a tank with an explosive charge. A day later, on July 11th, 1943, Roger saved a supply depot from destruction, from a surprise Stuka attack, by manning a M3 Half-Track mounted with Quad M2 .50cal heavy machine guns and took down over a dozen Stukas. Then, Roger and the squad fight through stiff Italian resistance, eventually meeting up with P.O. Mangin, a naval liaison, and meets up with a group under Captain James. Shortly after, Roger and the rest of the squad, make their way to the front lines to stop the onslaught of tanks from the Herman-Goering Division. When they get to the front lines Roger has to protect Mangin so he can have enough time to call in an airstrike from vessels offshore. Roger takes out eight tanks with a bazooka, then spots targets for Mangin taking out the other tanks, sending the enemy in full retreat. For this, Roger is promoted to Corporal. On August 5th, 1943, they move into Troina, during the battle, Vic Denley is shot and killed. Having no time to mourn they move on. Fighting throughout the town, they encounter a Flak 88 artillery gun emplacement. After assaulting the emplacement and taking the city, they finally have time to mourn the death of their squadmate.

Omaha Landings

On June 6th, 1944, Roger was part of the invasion of Omaha Beach. Upon arrival on the cost, they are hit with constant artillery fire. Roger tries to spot as many targets as he can, until his LCI was struck by a German shell. Upon arrival on the beach, Roger and the squad protect a Sherman Dozer and some engineers as they clear the way of barbed wire. They then move forward into trenches and bunkers eliminating enemy defenses and destroying three mortar pits. They eventually took over a warehouse, destroying a FlaK 88 gun, and commandeered one to destroy two enemy assault bunkers and a fuel depot bunker.

Maubeuge, France

On September 7th, 1944 Roger, Brooklyn, Kelly, replacement Pvt. Andy Allen and other soldiers from Fox Company take out German resistance in Maubeuge, France. After a few men are killed trying to destroy a tank, Roger plants a charge on the tank, destroying it. The men then defend a German attack from a nearby house. During the attack Allen is shot and killed. Roger is then wounded by enemy explosives, Brooklyn rushes to aid as Roger fades out of conciseness.

Mons, Belgium

At Mons on September 2nd, 1944, Roger's unit was on patrol when they were given orders to assault four FlaK 88s, that were "raining Hell on the assault force." After heavy resistance Roger is able to destroy all four. During an enemy assault on a house, Roger destroyed two enemy armored cars and held off a German Panzer until it was destroyed by a P-51 Mustang. He was promoted to Sergeant after eliminating two MGs and capturing an enemy camp and after his commanding Sergeant, Hawkins, is too wounded to return to battle.

Crucifix Hill, Eilendorf, Germany

On September 14th, 1944 Roger, Kelly, and Smith crossed a river into Germany. They are then bombarded by heavy fire from some "Screaming Mimis". Which then lead them to a graveyard, clearing it out of enemy forces. They then make their way up the ridge, through trenches, clearing out many enemy forces, defenses, and bunkers. Eventually, they reached the top of the ridge where Roger destroyed three Nebelwerfers.

Siegfried Line

On January 19th, 1945 Roger, Kelly, Smith, Bloomfield, and Captain Delaney help take over a German town, with the help of some Sherman tanks. After both of their tanks are destroyed they are able to commandeer a German Panzer. With Roger's prior knowledge of tanks from Africa they drive the captured tank to the Siegfried Line. After dealing with German resistance, at the Line, Bloomfield is killed from a mortar round, forcing the team to push forward towards the Siegfried Line. After major resistance from MG Towers and Germans, the team crosses the Line into Germany. Roger and the team fight all the way to a V2 rocket launch site. Where Roger plants the charges and destroys any V2 rockets that remain. Delaney then salutes Roger giving him his gratitude.

Mission Appearances

As the main protagonist, Roger is playable in almost all missions. The only exception is Liberators, where his brother Stretch is played instead.


  • Roger has a younger brother.
  • Roger is always addressed by his rank, never his actual name.
  • Roger's speaks only twice, both times during the level The Last Train, first telling Captain Delaney that they are one man short to operate the captured tank, and again telling the squad that the tank has run out of fuel. Rogers is voiced by a generic actor on both occasions. (There are no generic squadmates present during the conversation with Delaney as they are scripted to die just before)


  1. In We've Been Through Worse, Pvt. Allen says "Nice shot, Sarge." after Roland takes out a German who was manning an anti-aircraft gun.